Why You Shouldn’t be Ashamed of Having Makeovers While in Quarantine

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With a pandemic taking over the world, uncertainty and fear hang in the air, and people are scrambling to maintain some sense of normalcy. If your life before the quarantine involves a daily glam-up routine, you’re not probably feeling like yourself lately. As much as you want to put on that lipstick, you may be feeling like it’s a vain act to do so in these trying times, so you just leave it on your dresser, unworn and forgotten.

But you can’t help feeling bummed as well, especially if you’ve just got incredible mirco-beaded weft hair extensions recently. What’s the use of your luscious locks if you can’t even pair it with makeup? If you post a gorgeous selfie, your followers may say that you’re being insensitive and ignorant of the ongoing crisis.

The truth is, with or without a pandemic, it’s impossible to please everyone, so go ahead and post that makeup selfie if you want to. Plus, getting dolled-up isn’t a trivial matter during a pandemic. It may not be the most important, but it definitely helps in gripping a sense of normalcy and feeling in control.

Psychiatrists Agree With the Power of Makeup

Weill Cornell Medical College’s assistant attending psychiatrist Samantha Boardman, MD, advises her patients to put on lipstick to separate their home and work life. It helps in drawing a boundary between personal and professional affairs, as you present yourself differently in both.

Experts say that wearing makeup can actually make a significant difference in navigating these challenging times. The simple act of putting on lipstick can already switch up your persona, making you ready to face another workday. The same goes for filling in your brows. It makes you feel more confident, presentable, and professional.

Simply put, having makeup helps you maintain a sense of normalcy, even if you’re working from home and holding video call meetings. It can ease your anxiety because you’re able to separate your work self from your home self and focus solely on your job. Just imagine this: You’re in a video call meeting with your apron and a messy bun. While practical since you’re just at home, your focus can be all over the place, because you’re still presenting your at-home self, and thus making you think of housework.

Hence, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in maintaining your daily makeup routine. According to Dr. Stewart Shankman, chief of psychology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, keeping routines that can lighten your mood is beneficial. He added that applying makeup doesn’t just improve moods, but also help in having a sense of control, given that the global situation is out of control.

Makeup Can Improve Your Work Performance


You may be having a difficult time doing your job because of the work-from-home setting, but putting on makeup may help. Multiple studies found that professional and glamorous looks help women to be perceived as more competent. And they can live by that perception as well. Since their confidence is boosted, they’re able to perform better.

Though outer appearances aren’t the most important, they still highly matter at work. Kara Lowery, a D.C.-based lawyer, still dons a full-face and wears nice clothing. And when she’s feeling down and anxious, she puts more effort into her looks. She says it brings her a sense of happiness.

Being happy because of makeup may sound vain and shallow to some, but it really isn’t something trivial at all. We can all use happiness in this difficult time. Hence, don’t feel ashamed for wanting to do your hair and makeup, and taking selfies afterward. Don’t be shy to go that meeting with permed locks. What’s more important is securing our happiness and self-assurance, so we can emerge from this crisis stronger.

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