Ways to Create a Stress-free Environment for Your Fur Baby

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Like humans, animals experience stress and anxiety, too. Stress in dogs can manifest through erratic behavior or aggression, which can you put you and those you love at harm.

As their parent, you want your four-legged babies to live in a stress-free environment where they feel calm and relaxed at all times. Not only for the sake of their wellbeing but also of yours.

To help you avoid any difficult or perilous situation, here are ways to minimize canine stress:

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise

Dogs need daily exercise. One of the easiest ways to reduce their stress level is to give them some form of physical activity. Playing fetch, walking, swimming, trips to the park. Anything that gives them the cardio they need.

Doga (dog yoga) is also said to be good for your dog’s mental and emotional wellness. If you already practice yoga, it’s a new way to bond with your dog. The calming poses combined with the stretching techniques and gentle massage are healthy for you and your fur baby.

Alternate between cardio and dog yoga. Not only does this keep their stress level down, but it also helps them live a longer, healthier life.

Crate Train Your Dog

While there are professional animal transport services that you can hire to safely transport your pup, crate training is always an ideal practice. Crates provide your dog a safe personal haven, the same way dens offer shelter to lions in the wild. Having a crate installed at home gives them a space they can truly call theirs.

Provide Comfort Items

By this, we mean personalized toys, cozy security blankets, special treats. These are a good source of comfort for pets that are feeling anxious or stressed out. You can also give them items that have your scent or these four aromas, which studies claim to ease canine anxiety.

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Play Calming Music

Dogs are highly sensitive to sound. We’ve all seen our dogs cower at the sound of fireworks and thunderstorms. Loud noises can easily make them nervous, just as calming sounds can help them relax.

To keep them comfortable during stressful moments, leave calming music playing in the background. Soft tones can give them the comfort they need when you’re away or when they’re at the vet during consultations.

Tune Your Attitude

Your dog feeds off your emotion. So, if they’re feeling anxious or stressed, don’t snap. Try to stay calm. If you respond with the same negative emotion and pile on their stress, their behavior is likely to get worse. You should also resist giving them treats in an effort to appease them. Otherwise, they’re going to learn to associate the feeling of stress to a reward of some sort.

We don’t encourage the use of sedatives for dogs who suffer panic attacks during stressful situations, like moving houses, thunderstorms, and fireworks. Apart from the potential side effects, your dog can also get addicted to medication and may experience health problems and injury, and in some cases, just more stress.

Instead of turning to drastic measures, relying on safe and natural stress-relieving techniques is the best way to create a safe and nurturing environment for your beloved fur baby.

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