“Vampires” in Hollywood and Hallyu: Beauty Secrets of the Stars

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The showbusiness industry is a world of fashion, intrigue, and most of all, beauty. Actors are idolized mainly for their aesthetic qualities but the acting talent is still a must to succeed in Tinseltown. They all have that X-Factor, that look, a glow that ordinary people don’t seem to have. The glitz and glam are all products of hard work, of course. Their demigod-like beauty is often enhanced and prolonged by medical science.

Hollywood is full of these men and women who never seem to age. Some do, but they consciously allow the wrinkles and gray hair to grow since it fits their niche in the film industry. Icons of the Golden Age of Hollywood such as Clint Eastwood don’t to mind being seen as old, simply because they are old.

Jonah’s Uphill Climb to Lose Weight

Those of the younger generation are more conscious about fitness and body image like Jonah Hill. The actor who was part and took steps to lose unwanted fat.

People in the entertainment industry get help from fitness trainers, nutritionists, coaches, doctors, and health clinics that provide the right diet counseling, fitness regimen, and other health services specifically to address obesity. Non-invasive methods like fat freeze treatment are also very popular among celebrities because it does not cause downtime which is a bane to their hectic lifestyle.

Since it does not involve the use of needles or scalpels, Cryolipolysis has become a viable option for many people who need to lose fat without pain and unnecessary time off from work.

Keanu Reeves, A Vampire?

Keanu Reeves, age 55, is another actor who seems to be aging backward as he continues to do action films like the John Wick series. Despite his age, his face and body seem to be that of a 30-year old. With his good looks, physical vitality, and overall coolness, he still projects that laidback youthful appeal despite having lived over half a century. For years, his most avid fans have been fanning the rumors that the actor is, in fact, a vampire. With a little research, fans would know that he did star in the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the fanged role went to veteran thespian Gary Oldman.

There is even a website named www.keanuisimmortal.com that perpetuates this theory about the actor having lived continuously since the year 1530, complete with portraits and photos to prove it! But to the trained eye of topnotch dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Mr. Reeves’ secret fountain of youth is found in laser skin resurfacing and dermal fillers.

Korean Superstars on Screen and on Skin

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Korean Hallyu (or Korean Wave) stars are also known for their almost perfect glass skin and ageless aura. One such celebrity Seong Sung Heon, 43, is a bachelor and continues to headline melodramas and romantic comedies that capture millions of hearts in Asia and beyond. Aside from regular visits to his skin doctor, the actor is known to be a fitness buff and a regular user as well as an endorser of facial masks.

He recently starred in a historical drama with Lee Young-Ae, 49, who is also one of South Korea’s most famous actresses and highly admired for her beauty. Young-Ae is also known to endorse various skincare products, all top sellers in her home country, and the rest of Asia.

Beauty and Fitness For All

The good part is, one does not have to be a celebrity in Seoul or an icon in Hollywood to avail of beauty and health services. There are now many professionally-run, licensed health and aesthetic clinics that can provide medically approved interventions that are safe, tested, and proven to be effective. These establishments are part of a global health and wellness industry that is now estimated to be worth $4.2 Trillion.

Another positive and transformational impact that this industry offers is that it also promotes a balanced lifestyle, good nutrition, and psycho-emotional health. Having blemish-free skin and washboard abs also entails eating right, having enough exercise, staying away from vices, and managing stress. In short, both celebrities and non-celebrities should both seek a life that is free from distractions and negative external influences that could lead to aging and disease.

There is no single cure-all pill and the fountain of youth may just really be a myth. But with scientifically proven techniques to improve the body, a fitness routine, and an optimistic outlook…one can live a life of radiant beauty and vitality that is good enough to be immortalized on film.

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