Top Things You Should Do During Layovers


If you’re one of the millions of people stuck at home at the moment, dreams of future trips may be on your mind. And when that fateful day finally comes, you need to make the most of your travels. Studying every nook and cranny of your destination is a good way to go, but it may not be the only time you’ll get to burn.

A lot of flights also include short or long layovers in between. Before you sigh, consider this an amazing chance to explore as well. Follow these tips and you’ll never dread layovers anymore.

Layover in your Itinerary

The trip doesn’t only start when you’ve checked in your hotel. It starts the moment you leave the house. This means you should also plan for the layover. Whether it’s a short or long wait time, planning for it can make it an exciting experience, too.

When you do your trip research, include the airport you’ll be stuck in as well. Chances are, there are several activities you can do there. It will also help if you pinpoint the exact terminals and gates you’ll need to go once you’re there.

Ground Reconnaissance

The last thing you want is after spending all your time having fun at the airport, you find yourself lost on your way to the right gate at the last minute. That’s a bad and potentially trip-breaking experience. So, the first thing you should do at the start of your layover is to figure out how to get to the right places.

Some airports can be confusing, even if you have all the information ready. Just make sure you can find your way to your gate before you do anything else.

The Classic


Reading a book during a layover is a classic for a reason. It’s cheap, effortless, and (depending on your book) can be very entertaining. In case you find yourself unable to leave a certain spot, or maybe you’re tired of flying and you simply want to rest, having a good book can save the day.

Mobile gaming consoles and smartphones are also great. You can quickly burn through a couple of hours playing games or scouring social media.

Shop, Wine, and Dine

Most large airports have a lot of establishments where patrons can eat, drink, or shop. You may end up spending some of your travel money but technically you’ve already started the trip, so don’t worry about it too much.

In addition, some airports offer far better prices than their city store counterparts. An article explains the ins and outs of duty-free purchases. There are also websites that show the best duty-free deals in airports around the world.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money during your layover, there are still some activities you can do in airports. If you’re in Singapore, for example, there are some attractions you can enjoy for free, such as visiting parks and gardens. There are plenty of fun things to do in Changi Airport that don’t really require you to spend a single dollar.

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