Tired of Wearing Smile Lines? Here’s How to Remove Them

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One common misconception about smile lines, a layman’s term for nasolabial folds, is that they are caused by smiling. Fact check — they are not. Numerous things can cause smile lines, such as sun damage, genetics, dehydrated skin, smoking, and loss of elasticity. For the most part, these types of wrinkles are a natural part of your face and are inevitable.

Laugh lines are not typical signs of serious health issues. However, their appearance can impact a person’s confidence. If you’re someone who aims for flawless skin or a more youthful glow, then those lines can surely be a headache. To help you, below are a handful of effective treatments that you can try to reduce the appearance of smile lines.

  1. Consider injectable fillers

The first one on our list is the injectable fillers. Injectable dermal fillers are popular for correcting wrinkles around the jawline, mouth, and nose. Most of them are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), which is ideal for reducing the appearance of wrinkles or nasolabial folds and alleviate dry skin.

If you’re looking to smooth those smile lines again, injectable treatments like dermal fillers are worth considering. In most cases, the results of HA fillers are instantly noticeable, with most of them lasting up to six to 12 months. After the initial injection, you may experience minimal side effects such as allergic-like reactions or headaches.

  1. Monitor expression

Just like as you’re mindful of your bodily movements, it pays to be mindful of your facial movements. After all, these movements involve your facial muscles and tissues. Experts say that avoiding unnecessary facial movements. Resting your face can help. For instance, face yoga can help you achieve more toned and tighter skin and stronger facial muscles using targeted movements.

You can also relax your smile lines by doing a simple face and head massage. For a healthier facial massage, you can try using facial oils rich in omega fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can promote skin plumpness and softness. They are naturally anti-aging, too.

  1. Focus on daily moisturizing

Moisturizing daily is an effective way to minimize the appearance of fine lines and laugh lines. These types of wrinkles are more noticeable when you have dehydrated skin. To prevent you from having deeper wrinkles, experts suggest keeping your skin hydrated. It’s best to look for moisturizers made from natural ingredients such as botanical oils.

Some products also contain powerful antioxidants that can help protect the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. During the winter months, our skin can become greatly dehydrated due to central heating. In this case, it’s best to moisturize every morning and night. For extra hydration during bedtime, you can set up a humidifier in your bedroom.

  1. Try microneedling

Loss of collagen or elasticity can lead to smile lines. By using collagen induction therapy or microneedling, you can boost your skin’s natural collagen production. Popular for minimizing nasolabial folds, this non-surgical treatment promotes a more youthful glow through small punctures around the affected areas.

Bear in mind, though, that the results can be expected within nine months. Needling might not offer instant results, but it can potentially erase not just wrinkles but scars, too. Patients may experience redness and bruising as their skin heals from the treatment. Experts warn people with tender acne cysts not to use this treatment as it can cause irritation, inflammation, or worse, the spread of bacteria on the skin.

  1. Use essential oils

Some studies show that essential oils can be a potential treatment for different kinds of wrinkles. Known to provide natural skin benefits, these plant-based oils can help in boosting antioxidants and collagen in the body. Some highly recommended options are pomegranate, rose aqueous, white tea, cleavers, and anise. Use almond or olive oil as your carrier oil when diluting or using essential oils.

Experts also suggest testing them out first on a small skin part to check for any allergic reactions. If you’re planning to use OTC essential oils, always check the ingredients first. Lastly, you’ll need to continue using these products daily to better control the appearance of laugh lines.

By practicing good lifestyle habits, especially in younger years, laugh lines can be easily prevented. But in times you already have them, these science-backed tips can surely help you out. However, keep in mind that smile lines should not always be seen as a negative wellness concern. They are a natural part of aging and are typically inevitable. Still, we suggest you consult a specialist first before trying out any natural or alternative treatment.

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