The Different Ways to Splurge and Save For Your Sanity

self care

Self-care is something everyone should practice. However, it has gained a reputation for being a privilege. It’s true that there are people who simply don’t have the time and the money to do self-care. However, it doesn’t need to be expensive or taking up too much time and space. Sometimes, it’s a matter of choosing your fighter.

Here are different ways to practice self-care, from the most expensive to the cheapest:

Buy Luxury Items

In your wallet: A credit card, unless you want to carry stacks of money in your purse.

Some people find comfort in luxury items. It’s the rush of buying something they have worked hard for and finally buy it. For people–like the Crazy Rich Asians–it’s just a regular shopping spree. They could also be looking to spruce up their outfit for an upcoming family event. To impress and make a grand entrance, a focal point of an outfit for women is a luxury necklace. After all, there’s a reason the iconic love story, Titanic, revolves around a necklace.

Online Shop

In your wallet: A reminder of your budget and patience for the next payday.

Those who are on a budget may find themselves scrolling through the internet for good deals. Online shops frequently have sales, usually every month. Some shops also offer free shipping, as this is the biggest make-or-break criterion for online consumers. One piece of advice, though: before checking out the cart, don’t forget to check product reviews.

The internet has a way of making people keep on scrolling. It’s a whole science that is harmful to the budget of an online shopper. One minute they’re enjoying one product. The next, they’re adding ten more products to their cart. Online wallets that don’t let people exceed their budget can be useful in controlling oneself.


In your wallet: $313 per month, on average. In the past few years, the skincare industry has significantly grown in popularity. With the presence of beauty and skincare influencers and YouTubers, more people are becoming more informed about skincare routines. There are affordable skincare products that work really well, such as Cetaphil, Cerave, and The Ordinary. On the other end of the spectrum are luxury skincare products for people who can afford them.

A person can follow a 10-step Korean skincare routine or a minimalist routine. Whatever works for them, the process is still quite meditative. There is something peaceful and comforting with applying smooth creams on your face while you’re alone in a quiet room.

Get in Touch with a Hobby

In your wallet: It depends.

The cost of a hobby depends on the materials for it. Writing only requires a pen and paper, so it doesn’t cost much. Painting needs a canvas, paint, and brushes, but the cost depends on the kind and quality of products the person wants to use. Photography can be an expensive hobby, especially if the person uses different cameras.

Having a hobby is good for self-identity and relaxation at the end of a stressful week. A hectic work or school week tend to be alienating and even maddening. By coming back to a hobby, a person reminds themselves of who they are and where their true interests lie.

A Bubble Bath

bubble bath concept

In your wallet: around $10

A bath bomb is entertaining to watch. Then, basking in the bubbles and the scent is comforting. Submerging oneself in warm water helps reduce the tension in the muscles. This is why it’s so relaxing to have a good bath at the end of a stressful day.

Additionally, having idle time is necessary for the brain. First, it allows the brain to process information that a person has received throughout the day. Second, idle time helps with creativity. So, when trying to solve a problem or overcoming an artist’s hurdle, try staying in a bubble bath in silence. You might discover the secrets of the universe–much like Eureka discovered density.


In your wallet: You don’t need one. $0.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day. It also doesn’t have a designated space as long as there are distractions for the person. A suggested time is in the morning and at the end of the day. In the morning, it could be about goal-setting and preparing the brain for the day ahead. At night, the meditation intention is for relaxation self-debriefing for what happened throughout the day. These few minutes of silence and solitude has several benefits for mental health because it reduces stress and calms the body.

It can be hard to put oneself first in a busy world. It takes a lot of courage and effort to do so. A person can start with a few minutes within the day until the amount of time reaches a day. A day within a week goes a long way for one’s sanity.

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