Stop Sitting All Day to Prevent the Consequences

back pain from sitting all day

It’s not that people can’t read the room and tell that being stuck at home for most of the day doesn’t offer any venue for other fun activities. Given that most people are working from home, it’s all the more reason to sit down and start the grind early. In fact, the case of sitting all day isn’t just limited to the working adults; the same habit is reflected in teens and kids who’ve yet to go back into school because reopenings were on hold or only a limited number of students were allowed to participate in blended learning classes.

There is a well-intended purpose in sitting down for hours long to get work and responsibilities done. But people can’t deny that doing so compromises their health and carries inherent risks to their well-being. Biding their time and waiting for things to return to normal is option B. However, it’s crucial to spread awareness on why sitting all day is bad and how people can introduce movement in their activities.

We Understand the Need, But Intervention Is Necessary

There’s nothing wrong with getting work done and managing your responsibilities. It’s what any responsible adult should do amid these trying times shackled by uncertainty. But giving yourself the pass for sitting all day is a defense mechanism for not wanting to move around. It’s time to face the facts on what’s happening to your body when you do it.

  • Surefire Way to a Sedentary Lifestyle

When you remove any form of movement from your activities and restrict yourself to sitting down, it can land you in the category of a sedentary lifestyle. While you might think you crank the brain juices to maximum, you’ll start to see your energy levels drop lower and lower each day. This hurts your productivity.

  • Lower Back Pain and Compromised Posture

While many think they have the perfect sitting posture, they’re guilty of returning to what’s comfortable but often bad for their backs. If you’re hunching up and sitting in weird positions all day, expect some lower back pain to follow right behind you.

  • Makes You Feel Sluggish and Drowsy

Lastly, no matter how productive you get or how much work you get done, sitting all day inevitably makes you feel sluggish and drowsy. After a four-hour work session, you’re just one good stretch away from taking a nap and calling in your day early. However, the second you wake up, you’d have messed up your schedule and end up feeling lethargic during the latter half of the night.

If You’re Guilty, It’s Not Too Late to Change

Now, you know that most people are probably guilty and knee-deep in the stuff said above, but luckily enough, it’s not too late to change things. You can steer the ship into safety for this second half of 2021. Remember that changes won’t happen overnight because you’ll have to be consistent with making the change as you would be just sitting down all day.

  • Re-establish a Workout Schedule

The beginning of 2020 and the start of lockdowns worldwide had everyone shifting their gaze toward home workouts which was a pretty healthy trend to have to go around. However, many people have also fallen by the wayside in recent months, and it’s about time they take up a workout schedule once again. That 90-minutes you dedicate to cardio and weightlifting can counteract all the sitting you’ve done for the day and more, so get to moving.

  • Relieve Back Pain with a Massage

If you’ve been sitting all day pretty consistently for the past few months, you are probably suffering from some form of acute back pain. While moving around will get those joints stretched again and working fine, it’s recommended to get massage therapy to help sort out the chinks and relieve any built-up tensions. Plus, for those willing to go the extra mile, visiting an acupuncture therapy clinic can do wonders as well for holistic care.

  • Practice Mindfulness Exercises

If you find yourself with free time and dead air for doing nothing, it’s recommended that you practice mindfulness exercises instead of scrolling through your news feed. A good 30-minute meditation can help restore balance to your mind and soul, giving you some mental clarity to challenge the rest of the day. Plus, nothing feels better than removing any unwanted stress bothering us.

Even When Stuck at Home, There’s More to Life than Sitting Around

Overall, everyone should be reminded that being stuck at home shouldn’t be an excuse for inactivity and sitting around all day. There’s a lot one can do with a bit of creativity and effort, so don’t cave in to the temptations of being lazy.

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