Self-care Tips During a Pandemic

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By now a majority of us have settled into a new routine, a new normal if you will. There’s not a doubt that we’ve all experienced a shift in our lives. There has been an overwhelming amount of people who are using the internet as a platform to share how they’re attempting to cope with this new reality or trying to. Some people are taking this time to be productive while some seem to struggle with doing anything at all. Some are finding it easy to adjust, while some are having a harder time.

Every single person has their own ways of coping. This is a huge change, and we’re doing the best that we can! The important thing is that we listen to our bodies and give it the care that it deserves. Here are some self-care tips to help you disconnect and reconnect during these hard times.

Get organized and clean your space

You might have cleaning, decluttering, or organizing responsibilities that you may have been putting off for various reasons—too busy, too tired, etc. And this quarantine might just be the perfect time to do that! Not only does it offer some kind of therapy, but it also creates a cleaner and wider physical space for you to move. And, of course, seeing a clean and fresh space always helps clear the mind.

You can also start taking on your home improvement or maintenance efforts now. Conduct a general cleaning, have your appliances repaired, have sunpower dealers improve your home, etc. You’re presented with the opportunity to improve you living space, so go and grab it!

Turn off all distractions at least once a week

Working or not, we are constantly surrounded by distractions. Whether it’s the news, emails, or social media, we should disconnect from it once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a full day— an hour a day is more than enough. This allows you to have the time and space to focus on yourself. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish with just an hour without distractions.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is when you become intensely focused on what you’re sensing and feeling at the moment. When you practice mindfulness, you create a space for yourself to think, feel, and just breathe.

Acquire hobbies

Find things that you’d like to do daily. Reading, watching movies, gardening, cooking, exercising, meditating—it doesn’t matter what it is. As long as it makes you happy and puts you in a better mood, just keep doing it.

Indulge in physical care

Middle-aged woman enjoying thermal bath in thalassotherapy center

Take a relaxing bath, put extra time washing and massaging your face, give yourself a mani-pedi, or even start a family activity at home! These things might sound simple but it does wonders for your body and mind. Think of it as giving back to yourself by nourishing and taking the extra time to care for yourself.

More than anything, listen to your mind and body

Everyone is going through their own hardships. Remember, we all cope in our own ways. Don’t feel obligated to be productive. Don’t feel compelled to relax if you don’t want to. Just listen to what your body and mind want.

It’s also important to know that, despite all the anxiety-inducing news that we hear every day, there is still so much good that is happening. Businesses, big and small, are doing their best to give back. The decrease of people roaming the streets made a positive impact on our environment. People are given more time to relax and focus on themselves. Some of us are finally spending much-needed quality time with our loved ones. And people are coming together to help each other surpass this challenge.

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