Remote Work and Personal Life: How to Strike a Balance

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Working from home is something that a lot of people are getting into now, mainly since the coronavirus spread globally. With the company shutdowns and country lockdowns that were implemented earlier this year, businesses were forced to take drastic measures and employ work-from-home arrangements to keep them afloat amid the pandemic.

Since a lot of us are doing remote work nowadays, admittedly, it is sometimes hard to draw the line between time for work and time for everything else in your life. The danger to this working arrangement is tipping the scales of work and life to either side.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is already challenging as it is under normal circumstances; it’s even trickier to figure out once you start working from home. But that’s not to say it’s impossible. You need to find out how to work around it and establish a specific routine as if you’re still working at the office.

Have a designated workstation at home.

Since you are taking on a full 9-to-5 job at home, you must have a dedicated workstation to perform all of your tasks for the day. It is vital to have a room or area of your home assigned for work so that you don’t associate any other part of the house as a “workplace.” Keep all your work in that designated space.

We know it can be tempting to get work done in bed or your favorite La-Z-Boy. However, getting too comfortable will affect your productivity negatively. It is best to set-up a workstation with a comfy chair and everything you need for work within arm’s reach.

Follow a schedule.

As far as remote work is concerned, a routine is vital. Following a specific daily schedule should help you stay productive and on track. Just because you’re working from home with no supervisors around doesn’t mean you only work when you feel like it. You should still treat it as if you are working at the office. Even if remote work allows you to be flexible with your schedule, it is always best to follow a fixed routine as much as possible.

Take your breaks.

When you set your working hours, do not also forget to include your breaks. Sometimes remote work makes you want to skip out on your breaks to finish your workday as early as possible. It might seem like a good idea initially, but if you neglect breathers for the sake of finishing work early, you might end up producing low-quality output at work.

Breaks are designed to relieve you of stress, refresh your mind, re-energize your body, and realign your focus to make sure you’re at your optimal form throughout the day.

Try to avoid multitasking as much as you can.

A lot of people believe that working from home allows you to get more stuff done at home. While it is somewhat true, one of the downsides of trying to get your chores done as you simultaneously do your job is one of them will be compromised.

Sure, petty chores such as washing the dishes after eating can be quickly done. But if you think that you can do your laundry and still kill it at work at the same time, you’ve got another think coming. It would be best to bring your dirty clothes to the nearest laundromat​ before you clock in and go back for them at a later time.

Call it a day.

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Once your workday is done, turn off your computer and put your work stuff away. Call it a day. The principle behind not bringing your work home with you is the same as this. You need to draw the line between your work and your personal life. Your presence and attention are also required in other areas of your life, so be sure not to neglect them.

It’s vital to safeguard the balance between work and life. Too much of either will make your life miserable. Stay productive at work while still getting the most out of life. That’s how it should be.

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