Putting Safety First on a Road Construction Site

Road Construction at night

The construction industry poses many risks. This is even more so in road construction sites. The danger extends not only to workers but to motorists, as well. If you are handling a road construction project or a part of it, what are the precautions that you must practice? Here are a rundown of the most basic, but sometimes forgotten, guidelines.

Aim for Visibility and a Clean Line of Vision

Road construction accidents sometimes happen when motorists do not see the workers. This is especially true at night or during bad weather. There is excellent hi-vis workwear available online to protect road workers from accidents. Fluorescent vests or trousers help motorists spot a worker even in unfavorable conditions. Cones and barricades also help in separating the site from the flowing traffic.

Aside from such items, workers must always be aware of moving heavy equipment. They should steer clear from the path of these machines. But, the operator must also practice caution before proceeding. An extra person or a spotter is beneficial for such situations. Workers should also not turn their backs from incoming vehicles.

Learn to Spot Potential Hazards

A road construction site is always on the move. Everyone must keep a watchful eye of potential risks or accidents waiting to happen. It might be faulty electrical wiring, barriers that were out of place, falling debris, or a pile of scraps. These things are less hazardous if spotted before it blows out of proportion. Prevention is the key to safety.

Also, a worker in such sites can get accustomed to the sounds and sights. Their complacency can make them more vulnerable to danger. They should always stay alert regardless if they have been in the industry for such a long time.

Equip the Site with Signs

Motorists will benefit a lot if proper signs will warn them that a road construction site is ahead. They can adjust their speed or plan a reroute. Place signs at a reasonable distance from the site to give the motorists ample time to act or decide.

The site should also have clear signs for the workers. This will help them navigate safely in the work area.

Raise Worker’s Knowledge

Proper training and daily meetings help workers to gain proper knowledge. Being abreast of their daily responsibilities makes them more accountable for their actions. Training will also help them gain confidence. This is especially true for those handling big machines and equipment. Thus, it is very important to provide workers with more information about their tasks. Open communication will also encourage them to speak up when they see problems arise.

Take Extra Personal Precautions

road construction

There are other things that workers can do to ensure that they will be safe on the site. Keeping hydrated and taking necessary breaks are both important. Exhaustion and extreme heat can contribute to falls, slips, or a lack of clear judgment. There should always be a cooler of water handy and enough shade to cover them when they feel the heat is too much to bear. Avoid late night works because the workers might lack the necessary focus.

Safety is never an option. This is a responsibility for everyone involved in the site. Even motorists should know their part. This way, accidents will less likely to happen.

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