Pet Care: Parenthood Preparation

Pets can be a lot of fun, and they teach people the joy that comes from responsibility. They also help people gain valuable social skills. Pets should by no means be an experiment that you undertake. They are living creatures that will come to love you and rely on you, and you can cause them great trauma if you abandon them or give them up. Thus, you must only adopt a pet if you’re serious about learning to be a responsible caretaker. Children are the same way; you cannot give them up without causing them a lot of pain. Thus, it is imperative that you come from a place of compassion and a desire to love with your whole heart.

There are many types of pets, and they all come with different needs. Dogs need training and obedience classes to ensure they are well behaved and happy, while cats need companionship and a clean house to be their best self. Understanding the needs of different pets, as well as knowing the changes that a pet will make to your lifestyle, can give you a great deal of practice in adapting. Adapting to another being’s needs, as with a pet, will give you a good basis on which to build on when you bring your baby home.

Cats for Pets

It is best to get a kitten, as you can teach your cat to be more social. Cats are naturally independent and find it hard to change after they reach a certain age. In addition, it is better for the cat’s safety to be an indoor pet as well. This will help you to ensure your pet’s health by avoiding diseases from neighborhood strays. It is also best to get your pet spayed as early as possible and take it for regular veterinary checkups and immunizations. This will ensure it is an amenable and calm cat that is good to have around children.

Cat Behavior

Cats have no problem waking you up at odd hours when they are hungry. In fact, they are better than an alarm clock when it comes to reminding you of things that are important for them. You can even train them with treats as a reward.

Cats are also very independent despite being loving and enjoying cuddles. They will absolutely ignore you and do what they want sometimes. This is good for you in that it teaches you to slow down and have patience. Sometimes, what you think is the best might not be exactly what your cat needs or wants at that moment. This will come in very handy when you have a little toddler with big emotions.

dogs chasing each other

Dogs for Pets

Puppies have long been the go-to pet for young children. The only thing to keep in mind is that not every breed of dog is suitable for a small family or a small house. Some dogs need a lot of exercise. Others need specialized veterinary care. Some are temperamental by nature and may not be calm enough to be around a small child.

King Charles spaniels are small dogs that are good for a family in a small home, and they are very patient and loving toward children. Meanwhile, Akitas are guard dogs. They may seem like a good fit for a family with children, but they are very intense and could cause real harm to a relative they do not know if they get too familiar with the kids.

Chihuahuas might seem like good dogs because they’re small, but they are very nervous dogs and are easily provoked. They were not bred to be gentle, so they may not be able to handle the sudden movements and constant upheaval and noise of a small child.

Dog Behavior

Just because a dog looks sweet does not always mean that it is actually sweet. Training is essential for every size of dog, as even a small dog can cause a great deal of harm if it is not taught proper behavior.

Dogs will also teach you a lot about dealing with gross situations. Until your puppy is housebroken, you will often find yourself stepping into warm puddles or even find a sticky present left on your best rug. These moments will help you to learn how to hold your temper and give you a valuable lesson in getting stains out of different materials.

Puppies will also want to play a lot. You will find that you cannot do any activity without them following you around, and they will look at you with their puppy dog eyes if you leave them alone or try to discipline them. You must be strong and resist the temptation, or you will find yourself on the toilet with your dog staring at you. If you can train to have the dog outside while using the bathroom, then you will be able to give your toddler the same type of “training” someday.                

Keeping Pets Requires Discipline

Some people want a pet, but they are not particularly fond of cats and do not have the energy levels to handle a dog. In such cases, people choose to get a small or unconventional pet instead.

Rodents are relatively easy to raise and have straightforward care needs. They need interaction and gentle comfort to help them have happy and have fulfilling lives. Hamsters are somewhat solitary, so you can play with them once a day; they will be happy to be left to their own devices. However, they do need a companion, or they will not develop well. It’s best to get two hamsters of the same gender, or you will find yourself with a lot more than just two hamsters in a short while.

If you have the stomach for it, rats are intelligent pets that can be trained to some degree. They are bigger and enjoy being carried around and having more contact. They can be very loving and will enjoy cuddles and treats. Though small, they can bite hard enough to hurt if you are neglectful or mistreating them. Thus, it is best to learn all you can about proper care before getting them.

Pets can be challenging to keep. However, proper training and gentle handling is a good way to reduce their fear of you so they will be calm and even come to enjoy regular contact with you when you want to spend time with them. Pets are also really great companions. You will learn to be patient as well as care for another being, helping you become more responsible as you raise them.

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