Creating the Perfect Father’s Day Celebration in 2021

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It is not just our moms who deserve a day of celebration. Let us not forget another significant person in our lives — our dads. It’s just a season away. Then it’s Father’s Day on the first day of the 2021 summer.

With vaccination rollouts, hopefully, by June, there would be lesser COVID-19 restrictions allowing us to celebrate Father’s Day just like we did pre-pandemic. We could go camping again with our dads, have a nice family dinner at a favorite restaurant, or spend Father’s Day at a park.

Have you thought about how to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Well, aside from getting your dad a best-dad-ever mug or t-shirt, here are some nifty ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in 2021.

Things to Do on Father’s Day That Your Dad Will Love

1. Breakfast in Bed for Dad

It is usually our moms who get the break-fast-in-bed surprise, but our dads also deserve a treat. With your mom’s help, prepare breakfast with something extra to highlight this year’s Father’s Day celebration.

Cook your dad’s favorite breakfast meal. You could even bake him a personalized cupcake. Arrange his tray in a way you think he will like. Perhaps have a theme like his favorite sports team.

If you plan on pulling off a breakfast-in-bed treat, though, keep in mind to wake up earlier than your dad.

2. Backyard BBQ Special

Every dad loves to grill in any given weekend or family gathering. For this year’s Father’s Day celebration, spend the first day of Summer cooking and grilling barbecue with your family and closest friends.

Since your dad does the grilling, make him feel special by letting him wear a personalized grilling apron. It could say something like “World’s Best Dad.” You could even up your game by buying him a new grilling set.

To make barbecue night complete, do not forget your dad’s favorite beer. Now, this is a Father’s Day celebration he will always remember.

3. Backyard (or off-Grid) Camping


Some dads love camping and even consider camping as a great father-and-children bonding. You can do a simple backyard camping with all the bonfires, marshmallows, and tents or up your game with a good old off-grid camping.

Traveling seems to be less restrictive these days, so pack your camping gear and drive down to the nearest best campsite. Pack some delicious camping meals and snacks. Also, do not forget to take a first aid kit. You will never know when you will need it.

4. Spa Treatment for Dad

Spas are not just for moms. Our dads get tired too and deserve to be spoiled sometimes. Your dad deserves pampering, too, after all the hard work he has done for the family. So this Father’s Day, give him a unique treatment with a DIY home spa.

There are plenty of how-tos you can find on the internet. Learn how to give simple treatment or massages you can easily pull off. Make a personalized spa coupon and transform an area at your house into a mini-wellness spa. Your dad will surely love this idea.

5. Give Him Something He Love

Pretty sure your dad has some items he is dying to buy. But since he’s a family man, he is putting the family’s needs before his wants. For Father’s Day, why not pool in some money with your siblings and mom and buy that thing that your dad had been eyeing for a while now?

It could be a toolset, a designer watch, fishing gear, or anything that he fancies. Though some items he wants might be fancy, he deserves it after all.

You could also give him a simple yet memorable gift, like daddy-daughter necklaces. This jewelry piece will remind him of you forever.

6. Bake Him His Favorite Sweet Treat

Some dads have a sweet tooth. To celebrate Father’s Day this year, indulge him with his favorite sweet treat. Make him a tiramisu, his favorite cake, or simply a fudge brownie he loves. You could even up your game by cooking him some chicken wings or steak to complement the sweets.

7. Take Him Fishing

If your dad loves nature and the outdoors, consider taking him fishing for Father’s Day. Fishing is another great bonding opportunity aside from camping, especially if your dad likes to be near water. With beers and some good old stories, the fishing trip will surely be a bomb.

Show Some Love on Father’s Day

There are countless other ways you could celebrate Father’s Day and make your dad feel special. Whatever way you decide to show your love for your dad on this special day, he will surely appreciate it. Even a heartfelt phone call could put a smile on his face.

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