Mastering the Art of the Sultry Gaze

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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But are they really?

Everyone has been wearing face masks for the past several months due to the global pandemic. Our voices are muffled, so we use our eyes to help communicate our messages. Given this situation, we have been relying merely on a person’s eyes regarding expression and emotions.

The eyes are very powerful organs. Our eyes allow us to see the world in all its glory. The eyes allow us to gather and process information around us. These organs also help us communicate our desires and emotions without having to engage in physical contact. This is how the “smize” came about.

Tyra’s Smize

Tyra Banks, an American supermodel and television personality, was the one who coined the term “smize.” This refers to the act of “smiling with the eyes,” which she often taught models in her former TV show, America’s Next Top Model. Since then, “smizing” has become somewhat a household term for the sultry gaze.

What do you need to master the art of this sultry gaze?

Protecting Your Smize

“Smizing” is said to be achieved by thinking about something that delights you. Doing the “right smize” will bring your energy up to your eyes, resulting in a delightful and sultry gaze that translates well even through a camera.

Learning how to squint seductively is not all there is to know about communicating with the eyes. You also need to learn how to take care of the tools of the trade. So what do you need to protect your “smize” tool?

Dry eyes might not be the ideal condition for the sultry gaze. This condition can be brought about by age, medications, and even weather conditions. If you have been experiencing dry eye symptoms, seek professional dry eye treatment to address this concern safely. Eyes are very sensitive, and you want a professional to treat your eyes with utmost care.

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Find out if you are prone to eye diseases due to your family history, your descent, or even your weight. Some health conditions such as diabetes can also be a factor in your eye health, so make sure to get yourself checked. Talk to your trusted doctor to consult about health precautions to take if you are at high risk of certain diseases.

In line with regular eye check-ups, you should also maintain good overall health to maintain good eyesight. Have a proper diet with healthy food such as dark, leafy greens and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids. These types of food are good for your eyesight as well as your overall health.

Get fit and stay physically active. Doing so will lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for high cholesterol, which can contribute to bad eye health. During this quarantine period, try to squeeze in a few minutes of workout each day. This will also help you keep a routine daily that will help you in case you are starting to develop symptoms of cabin fever.

In this new normal, many companies have shifted to a remote work setup. This entails many hours staring at a computer screen, which could greatly affect the eyes. Make sure to get enough eye rest from time to time to avoid eye strain. Rest your eyes for a few minutes after every hour to relax your eyes properly.

Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes. Taking care of your eyesight will allow you to master the art of the sultry gaze.

Eye See You Through The Screen

During this global pandemic, our interactions are mostly strictly virtual only. How, then, are we supposed to benefit from the impact that direct eye contact entails?

Research shows that virtual eye contact can still help us feel connected despite social distancing measures. This is good news for those of us who have families and friends whom we have yet to see again in person. Video calls have been popular since the beginning of the pandemic, and it is beneficial to our emotional well-being despite it being virtual. This is good news for those practicing how to “smize!”

Your eyes are an important organ that helps you experience the world in many ways. The “smize” or the art of the sultry gaze, as popularized by Tyra Banks, is one way to express your deep emotions and desires. It will help you communicate your message towards your desired audience even through merely a screen on your phone. It is important to learn how to take care of your eyes to use them to their greatest potential. Learn how to take good care of your overall health. This will help keep your eyes clear as day.

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