Maintaining Your Mental Health While Working From Home

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Working from home used to be a novelty, but due to the current circumstances of the world, it’s now become a reality for most people. This new working set-up has brought it unique challenges, especially when it comes to mental health. You might begin to feel lonely, unmotivated, and more tired than usual. These tips will help you maintain your mental health while working from home.

Adopt or foster a pet

Have you always wanted to get a pet? Now’s the best time to do so. Research has shown that pet-owners who work from home have increased productivity and decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

If you can’t commit to owning a pet for the foreseeable future, you can always foster one for a short period of time until they get adopted. Just make sure to get a pet you can actually handle.

If you’re too busy to devote attention to one, maybe a bird or a fish would suit you. Cats and dogs need more work, but there are plenty of services that can help you out with this, like cat sitters, cat groomers, dog walking services, or puppy training services.

Stick to a schedule

Without any nosy managers and bothersome coworkers to keep you in line, it can be easy to fall into the trap of scrolling Twitter all day without doing any actual work. You can avoid this by setting up a structure for your workday as if you were still in the office. Schedule blocks of time specifically for working, meal breaks, and light exercise.

Recognize that it’s okay not to be okay

The only bright side to this global crisis is that whatever you’re feeling right now, almost the entire world is feeling the same way. Everyone is being forced to adjust to the new normal, and anyone who tells you they aren’t feeling even a little bit anxious and confused about the whole thing is probably lying to you. Take it easy on yourself and allow yourself to feel depressed, stressed, sad, and anxious. Chances are, most people feel this way too.

Carve out a dedicated workspace

It might be tempting to work directly from your bed or sofa, but keep in mind that as your comfort goes up, the more your productivity goes down. You can still be comfortable while working, but it should be in a separate area away from where you normally relax. It’s important to simulate something as close to your work environment as possible, so invest in a sturdy table, a high-quality chair with lumbar support, and any accessories that will make working much more efficient for you.

Go on a digital detox after work and on weekends

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One good thing about working in an office is the ability to step away from it at the end of the day and settle into your home life. Now, though, that’s become more difficult. The same screen you use for work is the same screen you use to binge-watch YouTube videos. A digital detox allows you to step away from your digital life so you can dedicate more quality time to your family and your hobbies.

It used to be everyone’s dream to be able to work in their pajamas at home, but now that it’s become a reality, it might just be too much of a good thing. These tips will help you manage your mental health as you adapt to this new work set-up.

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