How to Naturally Make Your Teeth Whiter

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Teeth normally turn yellow with age, but different strategies have been proven to slow the yellowing process. There are even natural remedies you can try so that you can reverse the yellowing process of the teeth. Although many kits contain things like tooth-whitening gels and refills, it is better to try home remedies first because they are less expensive.

If your goal is to make your teeth whiter, you also have to commit to good oral hygiene habits to maintain beautiful, healthy, and white teeth. You must not neglect to brush and floss, and you must also visit your dentist for regular check-ups and teeth cleaning sessions. At home, you can try the different natural remedies that will be discussed below. Read on to learn more about them.

Dietary Changes Are Necessary

Of course, sacrifices are required to help you achieve whiter and healthier teeth. You need to eliminate foods that can stain your teeth or leave visible marks. If you want to keep your teeth white, you should avoid consuming foods and beverages that contain tannins since tannins can stain your teeth and hasten the yellowing process. Examples of food and beverages that contain tannins are tea, wine, and fruits such as grapes and pomegranates.

You should also avoid acidic foods and beverages because the acid can wear down teeth enamel. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, you should avoid consuming excessive amounts of coffee, citrus, and soda. If ever you have consumed acidic foods and beverages or those containing tannins, you must immediately brush your teeth after consumption to remove the stains and prevent the yellowing of your teeth.

Besides making changes to your diet, you must also refrain from smoking because tobacco products can cause nicotine stains and even make your teeth rot. Tooth decay and gum disease are the most common effects of smoking tobacco. Therefore, if you are dedicated to keeping your teeth white and healthy, you must commit to the mentioned dietary and lifestyle changes as well as you can.

Consider Oil Pulling

To remove dirt, debris, and bacteria, you can try oil pulling. Oil pulling pertains to the act of washing the mouth with oil to cleanse it. However, you must remember that oil pulling can never be a substitute for regular flossing or brushing. Oil pulling can help whiten the teeth, but it is not as efficient in cleaning your teeth as brushing and flossing.

Many people have noticed that oil pulling works in terms of whitening the teeth even if there are no published effects of oil pulling to whiten the teeth. If you want to try oil pulling, you can use sunflower oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil.

Brush with Baking Soda

You can try brushing your teeth with baking soda because baking soda is known for removing stains on the surface of your teeth. However, some people worry that baking soda might be too harsh on the teeth. They believe that baking soda could grind away teeth enamel, but research has shown that baking soda is safe to use as a teeth whitener. Besides whitening the teeth, baking soda is also known to fight bacteria in the mouth to reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can help remove the stains on your teeth. To guarantee optimal whitening, you can try brushing your teeth with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for at least two minutes twice every day for a week. If you want to get the best results, you should do this regularly.

However, using hydrogen peroxide on your teeth can increase their sensitivity. Therefore, it is not advisable for long-term use. People who have sensitive teeth should also refrain from using hydrogen peroxide.

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Whiten Your Teeth with Fruits

Fruits like papayas and pineapples can whiten your teeth naturally because these fruits contain bromelain and papain. Some whitening solutions contain these ingredients because they have modest whitening properties that could help whiten your teeth. Therefore, you can try eating papayas and pineapples regularly to help whiten your teeth naturally.

These home remedies can help whiten your teeth, but you must not neglect proper oral hygiene. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth will keep them strong and healthy. Furthermore, they can also contribute to keeping your teeth white and clean. If you are committed to whitening your teeth, you must be willing to invest effort into trying different remedies.

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