How to Feel More Attractive and Confident

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. But more often than not, when people ‘behold’ themselves, there is an unfair prejudice against themselves. This is usually not representative and always unhealthy. In fact, according to an article, the feeling of being attractive and desirable has little to do with the objective outward appearance of a person.

At times, these biases against the self may even indicate a deeper condition related to depression, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health PMC.

If you don’t feel as attractive, don’t worry. Here are some steps you can take to change that:


Aside from the obvious benefit of toning your muscles and building your strength, regular physical workouts can make you feel better about yourself at a chemical level. Among others, exercise relieves stress and anxiety, dissipates aggression, releases endorphins, and gives you some much needed time for yourself.

The sense of accomplishment after each session also gives you a confidence boost when you look at yourself in the mirror. Even if it’s just for feeling good about yourself, the benefits of exercise are too many and too important not to take advantage of.


The sad fact is, as people grow older, they tend to smile less frequently. It’s sad because of the many benefits this simple facial expression can bestow upon its wielder. Smiling can combat depression, especially during times of struggle. It’s also been found to lower blood pressure through mini-exercises of the heart. Smiling also improves your relationship with other people. According to a study, people find those who smile often more likeable overall.

This means that with this simple act, you can ultimately feel better about yourself and have others reflect this perception as well.

Pep Talks

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There’s always that scene in movies where the protagonists psyche themselves up in front of a mirror before saving the world or talking to their crush. It’s so prevalent in pop culture because it works. By saying kind and encouraging words to yourself in the mirror reinforces and validates the good traits and qualities you’ve always known you had. By acknowledging these positive qualities surrounding you, you can experience them in a fuller capacity.

This study published on the European Journal of Social Psychology found that those who give themselves pep talks are more likely to be confident and even successful. Of course, this works if you want to feel more attractive, too.


There’s no shame in wanting to change parts of yourself to feel more attractive. There’s a reason cosmetic surgery is such a lucrative practice. If a nose job or a tummy tuck can give you that much-needed confidence boost, then why not?

You’re simply changing something that cannot be changed using other means. That doesn’t differ much from doing fat-burning exercises.

Sometimes, even acne removal treatments can take your confidence to a whole new level. Just don’t forget to do it right and safely. Always seek the help of professionals.

It’s unfortunate that people are almost always inherently biased against their own attractiveness. With the help of these tips, that hopefully changes very soon.

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