How to Ensure the Safety of Newborn Kids

parents with their newborn baby

Protecting your newborn kids against diseases and injuries is your first and most important responsibility after birth. Infants are easily vulnerable to both illness and injuries due to their fragility and developing bodies. According to a report by WHO, around 2.4 million neonates died in their first month in 2019. Hence, it is crucial to ensure the safety of infants.

Here are some of the best tips that can help you with the safety of your newborn kids.

Preventing falls

Kids in the age range of 1-5 years typically fall a lot as a part of learning how to walk. If you are a parent of an infant and use a carrier, always keep it on the ground. Never keep a carrier with your kid on a table or counter as it may fall. Also, ensure that your child is appropriately strapped inside the carrier.

When it comes to protecting your kids from falling and rolling over to the streets while playing, use walls. Professional builders of retaining walls can child-proof your yard with a strong, protective barrier around your house. Apart from keeping the soil at different levels on both sides, they can also act as a fence to protect your kids.

Avoiding accidents

UNICEF’s report says that injuries are the leading cause of death, accounting for 40 percent, in children under 14 years. Kids are prone to accidents, but you can prevent them. There are various ways to do this. To begin with, keep all sharp, hazardous, and small objects out of your child’s reach. Things such as knives, coins, razors, pins, and other such items can lead to an accident.

Next, do not swing or move your kid briskly, as it will increase the chances of blindness and brain damage. Also, keep all heavy objects high so that your kid does not pull them over.   Another thing to ensure is never to leave your child with a pet or young siblings. It will also help if you consider attaching the furniture to walls and having stoppers for drawers.

Protecting in the car

The first and foremost thing to note is that the best place for a baby to travel in a vehicle is in the middle of a back seat. However, if your vehicle does not have a back seat, you can get your baby on the front but only after removing airbags. Although airbags are essential for protecting adults, they are not that useful when it comes to babies.

Another thing worth noting is that never place your child on the lap while driving. Always lock your vehicle and keep the keys out of the baby’s reach.   If you are using public transport, ensure to check that the seat is federally approved. Consider reading the safety seat instructions as well.

a newborn baby

Keeping away from burns and fire

Burn incidents may occur while feeding or giving a warm bath to your kid. So check the temperature of the food before feeding and the water in the bath before putting your child in. You can check the temperature by putting a drop on your hand or wrist. For checking the temperature of the bathing water, you can use your elbow.   Never leave your kid alone while bathing. Due to developing respiratory systems, they can quickly feel uneasy. There is also the possibility that they may drown in the tub if left alone.

Ensuring safety while feeding and sleeping

Proper food and sleep are essential for your child’s growth. The first thing to ensure while feeding your baby is to avoid foods that can lead to choking. For instance, hard candies, raw carrots, and unpeeled apples can result in clogging. Ensure the temperature of the food and liquid is moderate.

Have you heard about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)? Putting your baby to sleep on their belly can cause SIDS. Hence, always put your baby to sleep on their back. It will also help if you wake up at regular intervals to check on your baby.  You must also avoid using soft bedding as it can lead to suffocation. Never share a bed with an infant. Put your newborn babies to sleep in a crib.

As the parent of a newborn or a toddler, it’s normal to feel on alert at all times and to worry about your baby. It’s crucial to pay attention and be aware of every situation. But don’t let this time drive you to anxiety. And always ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.

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