How to Create Things to Look Forward To

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The future is uncertain, now more than ever. Having nothing to look forward to due to the current global situation can take a toll on your mental health. Without anything to anticipate, it’s up to you to create things to hope for. Here are some ways to generate your own happiness and find something to look forward to.

Pick up a new hobby

There’s a reason why everyone started baking banana bread in the early days of the lockdown — it was just something to do. But how many of these home bakers stuck with it? Picking up a new hobby is one thing, but it’s better when you see it through. Your progress is something worthwhile to look forward to. Some of these hobbies might even turn a profit, such as self-publishing books or selling homemade trinkets, which makes persevering with a particular hobby even more rewarding.

Schedule things on your calendar

By “things,” that means anything and everything that excites you, from movie releases and self-care days to video calls with loved ones and new episodes of a TV show you love. Plotting them out on a calendar builds up anticipation for these events and treats them as special occasions to anticipate, no matter how small they are.

Plan your social events

Just because you’re allowed to dine at a restaurant or visit a theme park right now doesn’t necessarily mean you should. There are still ways to plan social events with your friends and family while staying healthy and safe. Video calls, drive-in theaters, or socially distanced meet-ups in open-air spaces are all great alternatives to the kinds of social activities you used to do. Be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for personal and social activities, and you’ll be fine.

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Allow yourself to be spontaneous

Now is the best time to let loose, go with the flow, and be spontaneous. Treat yourself once in a while within reason. It’s probably not a good idea to blow your entire paycheck impulsively buying stuff you don’t need on Amazon. Still, you can indulge in a small random purchase sometimes, especially if it’s something you’ve been eyeing.

Maintain a gratitude journal

It’s easy to get so caught up thinking about the future that you forget about all the things you should be happy about in the present. The best way to remind yourself of these things is to keep a gratitude journal. This will allow you to put everything into focus. You’ll very quickly realize that many things can happen in a single day and that you shouldn’t take them for granted. It’s something that will help you look forward to every new day.

Stick to a morning routine

Look forward to every morning by sticking to a morning routine that you enjoy. This ensures that even if things go wrong in the latter half of the day, you at least feel great in the morning. Dedicate this time to doing something that’s entirely for you. Whether that be playing a few minutes of your favorite video game or eating a hearty breakfast, make sure it’s something that will make you feel excited about starting your day.

Things aren’t looking great at the moment, and the only thing you can do is make the most out of a bad situation. These simple steps will help you stay positive and create something to look forward to in the future.

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