How to Be the Best Travel Buddy

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Some people love traveling alone, but there are also those who always love to hit the road with a companion. Indeed, traveling with other people, be they be friends or family, can be a lot more fun. Of course, you have to be a good travel buddy so that your companions will enjoy your presence, too.

How can you be a good travel buddy and how can you make the trip memorable for you and your companions? Here are some tips for you:

Be Easy-Going

Traveling can have a lot of inconveniences at times. Traveling with a laid-back person or one who has a lot of patience can make the bumps of traveling more pleasant and easier to take in stride. If you keep a calm and relaxed disposition during your travel, you are likely to make your companion’s days easier and the challenges of travel more tolerable.

Know Some First-Aid

Anything can happen while we are on the road or when traveling to other places. Hence, it could help you and your companion a lot if you take some CPR training and other types of first aid training. CPR, which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a form of first aid treatment given to people who are suffering from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), near-drowning incidents, and suffocation. Performing CPR can significantly increase a person’s chances of survival.

You will never know when you will be required to perform CPR during your travel. Knowing how to do this type of first aid treatment can greatly enhance the safety of your travel companions. It helps ensure that they are with someone they can trust their life with.

Street Smart

We all know how hard it can get when traveling in unfamiliar territories. We could easily get lost, suffer from language barriers, run out of money, and lose some valuables. Worse, we can get mugged by local hoodlums. To make sure that you and your companions will be able to avoid all these when traveling, you should learn to become street smart.

Know what to do in cases of emergencies or when you get lost in a particular area. You should also learn how to read maps accurately and to at least have the ability to converse with other people even if they speak a different language. This can help you greatly if you are trying to find your way in unfamiliar territory. Consequently, your companions will be happy to have a street-savvy buddy to travel with.

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Good Sense of Humor

People with a good sense of humor are also easy to go with. They always find a way to make any situation lighter. Having a travel buddy who exudes so much effervescence makes any difficulty easier to overcome.

Open-Minded and Culturally Sensitive

It always pays to be respectful to other people’s cultures and traditions. Travelling will let you see various types of cuisines, rituals, beliefs, natural resources, and many more. The cuisines, rituals, and beliefs of people in the places you are visiting may be very different from what you have been accustomed to.

Respect the beliefs and cultures of others and always make sure to follow the rules in every area you are visiting. If your companions have a hard time respecting the cultures of others, let them understand that there are always rules that should be followed strictly in the different areas you visit. Be a good example to your companions.

Generous and Kind

Traveling usually entails expenses. Make you and your companion’s travel experiences more memorable by always sending out good vibes even when you need to shell out some amount. Travelling is more fun when you do not always have to count every scent in an effort to split the bill equally among you and your companions. If you have some essentials you can freely share, do so without complaining. Your companions will remember your kindness.

Set a Budget

There will always be some challenges when you travel. One of them is keeping tabs on your expenses and the money you are willing to spend. If you would be staying at a 5-star hotel or in some luxurious accommodations, you should make it clear from the very start how much you and your companions should equally share to avoid surprises.

You do not have to spend much to make the most out of your travel experience. Setting a proper budget, planning the travel carefully with your companions, and sticking to your plans as much as possible can help make you the best travel buddy your companions can ever have.

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