Work-love Balance: How Millionaires Can Juggle Dating and Career


If you started a business while you were single, don’t be surprised if you’d stay single for another long period. Entrepreneurs must make sacrifices to grow their businesses. If you got your fortune from your family, you’re lucky because chances you have fewer things to sacrifice. But if you’re a self-made CEO, you have to put in all the work until your business can survive days without you.

However, both old-money and self-made entrepreneurs are often too busy to date. Free time, which includes dating, is one of the things they set aside for the sake of their goals. While you can be a successful CEO with a significant other, it’s a different story when you started out single. The amount of time in your hands allowed you to dedicate yourself wholly to the business. As such, looking for a match can get pushed down into your priorities.

That doesn’t mean having a love life is impossible for you, though. Good time management skills will allow you to achieve “work-love balance.” Your own work-love balance can inspire your employees to balance out their personal and professional lives, too. Besides, having a significant other can make your success feel more meaningful.

But how will you date if you don’t even have time for yourself?

1. Be Organized

Sometimes, the reason your schedule gets too packed is your lack of organization skills. CEOs who manage their time well always find free time, no matter their duties for the day.

If you often get stuck with administrative tasks, you should start delegating. It will allow you to focus on managerial duties, which might be more difficult but less time-consuming. If delegating isn’t an option yet, organize your tasks before starting anything. Identify which needs to be done, and which ones can wait. For example, if you have three projects in line, focus on one at a time. Start with the project that you know exactly how to complete. This will prevent you from spending too much time on guesswork.

When you learn how to organize your time and tasks, you can prioritize your personal life as often as you want to. Of course, there would be times when work still needs to be put first. But at least you can create a healthier balance between it and your personal life.

2. Consider Hiring a Matchmaker

two people meeting

Wealthy CEOs who find it challenging to ask people out can use the services of an elite matchmaker. They are paid professionals who pair you up with singles with the same background, interests, and lifestyle as you.

While online dating can also result in successful relationships, they’re not exactly the right fit for an entrepreneur like you. Whether you’re old-money or self-made, the person who will understand you and your life most likely comes from the same upbringing as you. They fit in with your society, are familiar with your career, and are most likely entrepreneurs themselves, too.

What’s more, professional matchmakers often interview their clients first before setting them up on dates. They don’t work like Tinder, which gets you a date from swiping and chatting alone. That may be more convenient, but also at risk for failing. With a matchmaker, the consultation you’ll receive can minimize the chances of your first date failing. As a result, you’d waste no time and money.

3. Stop Glorifying the “Hustle” Mentality

Sure, it’s good to motivate people to work hard. But sometimes, the hustle mentality results in a poor balance between work and love life. People will start feeling inadequate if they’re not productive enough.

A full calendar doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re more successful. In fact, it could indicate the opposite. Rich people generally have more free time. So strive to compartmentalize your two worlds: work and love life. If you’re in the office, focus on working, If you’re out, focus on your personal commitments. It’s normal to bring a bit of extra work home from time to time. Normalizing it isn’t. You’re still a human being, no matter how influential or wealthy you’ve become in your industry. Therefore, you need time for relationships.

While entrepreneurs who thrive in their relationships are found to be more successful, love life isn’t required in your life. So don’t force it if the time doesn’t seem to be right yet. If your business can’t stand on its own yet, prioritize it. You won’t lag behind your friends and peers just because you’re still single. Once your business gets settled, you’ll find your free time. By then, you can date without feeling pulled between two worlds.

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