Get Healthy Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day

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Bridezilla has come into existence because of the effects of stress on soon-to-be brides. Any bride would want her wedding to be perfect. But the detailed nitpicking of the decor, food, gown and even seating arrangements show on their faces as the wedding day approaches. Sure, a cake of foundation could hide the bags around the eyes, temporarily smoothen the fine lines. But why would you want layers of makeup just to look good on one of your biggest days?

If you care too much about your wedding, be good to yourself and get a wedding organizer. Let them do the research. All you need to do is select the venue, decide on the menu suggestions and approve designs. Let a bridal shop take care of your and your entourage’s gowns and suits. This way, you could spend more time on yourself. Sit back and sip a potent anti-oxidant rich juice while waiting for the people working hard for your dream wedding to come true.

With professionals looking after the details of your wedding, you can look after your skin. Why? Glowing, healthy skin is the perfect blank canvas to a beautiful, blushing bride. Don’t rely on your one-hour spa session right before your wedding or the magic of your makeup artist.

Here’s what you should be doing weeks or even months before your wedding.

Stay hydrated.

Dry skin could get flaky and it’s vulnerable to cuts. Your pores would also produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.

Studies have shown that water in all physiological processes would affect the hydration of the outer layer of the skin as well. Aside from that, the water’s function inside the body helps get rid of the toxins we ingest, so it aids in keeping your internal systems healthy. We know that organ problems could reflect on the pallor or sallowness of our skin.

While it’s safe to conclude that drinking lots of water would impact our skin from the internal processes in our body, topical ways to hydrate the skin at the same time is also recommended.

The effect of internal hydration may be more lasting, but your water intake has to be consistent. It would therefore take a longer time to see the result on your skin. Applying a topical moisturizer, however, would yield immediate results. Just make sure that you check the ingredients of anything you apply to your skin. Your body may react to some chemicals and you end up with rashes. You could also try all-natural stuff, like aloe vera.

Protect yourself from environmental toxins

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Every day, you are exposed to toxins. Vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke and other air pollutants clog up your pores and result in dull skin. Avoid having to expose yourself to areas with high levels of pollution. If you need to endure an environment like this, for example in your commute to and from work, make sure you take a shower before hitting your bed. Use a scrub once or twice a week to clean out clogged pores, but don’t use it every day as it could irritate your skin.

Another environmental factor that could damage your skin is the sun’s rays. Although tanning is a beauty trend, unprotected exposure to the sun could cause premature skin aging.

Glow from within with good nutrition.

There are kinds of food that are very good for your skin. If you complement your rigorous skin care routine with nutrients that are good for your body, you would have healthy youthful skin.

Food rich in antioxidants is high on the list. They are substances that help prevent or slow down oxidation. Oxidation is what makes your skin age. Oxidation is caused by toxins and produces free radicals. At an extreme level, when the free radicals exceed the capacity of our natural defense, they could cause oxidative stress. This could lead to collagen destruction and contribute to different kinds of skin diseases including skin cancer. Antioxidants protect our cells from the damage caused by these free radicals.

Examples of food high in antioxidants are color-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Other foods good for the skin are those high in healthy fat as they regulate the skin’s oil production. This kind of food includes avocados and omega-3 rich salmon and sardines.

Good, healthy skin means looking good no matter what. So take good care of your skin weeks before the wedding. And you’ll be radiant and stunning on the big day.

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