Fashion Brands That Are Authentically Body Positive and Inclusive

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Back then, fashion was all about exclusivity. Only the richest, fittest, and prettiest should wear the best clothing. And for many brands, the best clothes were meant for tall, white, and skinny women.

All around us were billboards and magazines of the same kind of model. They were only showing us one body-type. And we were raised to believe that this was what every person should strive for.

You would think it was harmless until you heard the stories of models suffering from eating disorders. Take the former model, Victoire Dauxerre, for example. The fashion industry kept pressuring her to be smaller. Thus, she developed an eating disorder. She had to undergo anorexia treatment to get better. And she isn’t the only model to suffer. It was common in the fashion industry to pressure models into losing weight.

But this time, fashion brands aren’t going to take it. Models will no longer have to shrink themselves to a size zero. Fashion brands are saying goodbye to unrealistic expectations of beauty. Today, models are real people allowed to be their real selves. Fashion today is all about body positivity and inclusivity. That means embracing all shapes, sizes, and skin colors. Having said that, here are 10 brands that are all about body positivity and inclusivity:


Aerie is one of the leading fashion brands in body positivity and inclusivity, with their tag #AerieREAL. They’re one of the first brands that stopped photoshopping the models in their photos. Allowing models to flaunt their bodies confidently. Embracing their stretch marks, cellulite, scars, and folds. Showing others that this is what real people look like and it’s beautiful.

Dear Kate

We all know how expensive buying tampons and pads can be. Not to mention, they’re also bad for the environment. With Dear Kate’s period-proof underwear, women can fearlessly go about their day. Without worrying about period spills, stains, or odor. All while saving money and the environment by skipping the tampons and pads.


Feel like you were born in the wrong era? If you’re a fan of vintage and quirky fashion, ModCloth is the brand for you. They sell fun and one-of-a-kind clothing for every single body type, from straight to plus-sized.


Target has always been the place to shop. They have everything. And they’ve also joined the body positivity movement. But even before, they’ve always provided a wide range of sizing.


They might be named Lonely. But with the wide range of sizes and the diversity in their photos, it’s hard to feel lonely. Their brand is not only about being inclusive of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. They also have models of different ages. It just goes to show that lingerie isn’t only for the young but also the young at heart. And that age really is just a number.

Girlfriend Collective

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Body-positive, inclusive, and sustainable activewear all in one brand. The Girlfriend Collective is dedicated to providing stylish and high-quality activewear. All are made with recycled materials and fit for every size. They are very transparent about the materials they use, where they manufacture their clothes, and who create their clothing. So not only are they inclusive, but they’re also ethical.


Sotela is a Los Angeles based clothing brand. Like the Girlfriend Collective. Their clothes are inclusive of all body types and skin colors. They are sustainable and ethically made too. But, instead of activewear, they sell minimalistic everyday wear in beautiful earthy-tones.

The Reformation

Another ethical and sustainable brand that everybody loves. The Reformation is a favorite because of its transparency, feminine clothing, and range of sizes. They have everything from casual tops to formal dresses and even denim.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard truly lives up to its name. By providing us with clothes in literally every size, from size 00 to 40. It was labeled as the world’s most inclusive brand in 2019. And they definitely do not disappoint. They have all kinds of clothes, from casual to formal to workwear to athleisure. They have all that and more. And they weren’t kidding about providing them in every size.


Not a fan of Victoria’s Secret-Esque underwear? Want something that makes you comfortable and confident in your body? TomboyX aims to do exactly that, and they’ve got sizes from XS to 6X too. The best part? They’re not only body inclusive but gender-inclusive, too.

The fashion industry has leveled up. Fashion brands such as those listed above teach us that fashion isn’t just for a certain body-type. Fashion is supposed to be inclusive. It should be available to every body, skin tone, and gender.

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