Cheap Self-Care and Beauty Hacks for Women During a Crisis

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Many are feeling the strain of the pandemic. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causes a heavy burden on peoples’ mental and physical health. Among other things, individuals who are forced to stay home lost their jobs, or have someone they know get infected or die of the deadly illness experience tremendous stress and anxiety daily. Ultimately, such overwhelming negative emotions could break a person to its core and lead to some serious health problems.

If you’re searching for ideas on how best to care for yourself during this difficult time, here are six self-care and beauty hacks that won’t break your bank:

Make your own skin care products using kitchen items

If you don’t want to spend a fortune buying those expensive, branded beauty regimen products, then use some imagination and raid your kitchen the soonest. With the most basic kitchen ingredients, like oat, avocado, honey and coffee grounds, you already make yourself some inexpensive and effective facial scrub and mask. Since you’re only using natural ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about hurting your skin with those DIY skincare items. Add to that the huge savings you’ll enjoy and it becomes truly a win-win proposition.

Do regular stretches and simple exercise

No matter how much you hate donning those skimpy exercise outfits and sweating yourself out, you really need to flex your muscles and do periodic exercises if you want to be kind to yourself. Fortunately, you’re not at all required to do intensive routines; in fact, you can do just regular stretching and a few push-ups for a few minutes each day. The idea is not to do hardcore exercise routines but to at least flex your muscles and keep your blood flow in perfect condition through regular exercises.

Order from reliable online beauty product shops

If you don’t feel like concocting your own beauty products at home, then save yourself the small trouble and just buy the items you need online. However, you should only buy from reliable shops, such as the Hair Care Shop and the official manufacturer websites of the beauty products that you desire. This one is critical because enterprising individuals may exploit the situation to sell counterfeit products. If you think that the product you’re looking at has some red flags to it, then don’t buy it however cheap it is priced.

Do your own nails and feet

Your nails and feet require constant TLC from you, but a pandemic situation could prevent you from going out or spending outside your budget limit. Whichever case applies to you, you can easily care for those body parts by doing them on your own. With a few inexpensive grooming items that you can buy from the convenience store or supermarket, give your nails and feet a quick pampering whenever needed. This trick will not only make them all look presentable, but it will also help you save some dollars at the end of the day.

Have a regular gadget break

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During the height of the COVID-19 crisis, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter saw sharp spikes in user activities as millions of home-stuck people find ways to fight off boredom. Although using your electronic devices for an extended time may solve the boredom issue, it could begin another one. As a crisis befalls countless individuals everywhere, scrolling through your news feed and taking in horrible news daily could only harm you mentally and emotionally. So use your gadgets if absolutely needed to communicate. But always find time to do a gadget detox to keep the negativity away.

Sleep. A lot

It’s easy to use a pandemic or any other crisis to just stay on the couch and binge-watch on the latest Netflix series or stay up late to catch up on your reading list. However, although you may indulge your senses and find some satisfaction in doing these activities, sacrificing your sleep for them is hardly a wise idea. Instead, do your body a favor by getting enough sleep each day to help your body maintain its great rhythm and avoid the ill effects of sleep deprivation on one’s physical and mental state.

It’s important to show yourself some love, particularly amid a pandemic. With these tricks as your guide, caring for yourself should be easy and inexpensive.

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