Aging Gracefully: Ensuring the Well-being of Older Adults


Everyone’s wellness is essential. Taking care of your well-being has become extremely important ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic. The current circumstances have been challenging for the most vulnerable groups, especially for older adults.

As lockdowns and shelter-in-place measures continue to ease, the demand for in-home senior care has risen. Largely because families are too preoccupied at home with their daily operations like remote work or online schooling. Having a professional assist an older adult’s regular living activities can be a huge sigh of relief. Regardless, there are some things you can do to keep an older adult holistically active.

Healthy, Regular Habits

Older adults have already gone through various changes throughout their lives. Most of these instances required them to adapt with resilience. The global pandemic, however, has proven to be an intense hurdle for everybody.

Adjusting to such unfortunate situations is not always easy. For older adults, these trying times might be a bit too much for them to handle. Coping with change might be difficult, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try.

The key element that older adults need to have during these moments is structure. Maintaining a daily routine while still leaving room for some variation can be essential for their wellness. Here are some tips that elders can pick up to guarantee their well-being despite the ongoing pandemic.

Rise and Shine

Once they get out of bed, consider a few mindfulness practices for them to do. Simple things like light stretches, yoga, or meditation have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. These can also improve their cognitive ability, which is also essential.

Don’t let them skip out on breakfast as well. The first meal of the day is important not just for their health but also for connecting with their family. This can also be the perfect time for them to assess their physical, mental, and emotional states for that particular day. Doing so will make it easier for them to communicate and address these feelings throughout the day.

Keep in Touch

Social isolation for older adults can lead to serious health effects like depression and cognitive decline. Given the current circumstances, they can no longer go out of the house to socialize like they’re used to doing. With their families becoming too busy at home, it’s crucial to find alternative solutions.

Teach them to use certain gadgets and technology, like smartphones and videoconferencing apps. Helping older adults learn modern tools can also be good practice for them to keep their minds sharp. Once they’ve grasped how to navigate their way through, consider setting a regular time for them to check in on their friends and support groups on social media.

Sharpen the Mind

Older adults should have plenty of free time on their hands, now more than ever. Let them take this opportunity to start on projects or hobbies, old and new, to keep their cognitive function in shape. Stimulating the brain through creativity is also vital for their wellness.

They could even go on technology to stay intellectually active. Aside from simply reading, there are other options for them to explore. Various applications can activate different parts of the brain, like playing chess or learning a new language. There are also plenty of activities for older adults who have limited mobility to take up, so they can still enjoy without having to move around too much.

Sleep Tight

woman waking up

At the end of the day, getting enough sleep with good quality is essential. A lot of people, including older adults, have been experiencing sleep disruptions throughout the pandemic. Many experts believe this is only a natural phenomenon.

Regardless, older adults should do something relaxing and comfortable before going to sleep. They need to unplug and unwind after their day to get a good night’s sleep. Simply talking to a family member can help improve their sleep and even strengthen their social support group. From here, it’ll just be a matter of taking small steps that will lead to big differences.

Don’t Stop Aging

Oftentimes, older adults can find meaning and joy in the little things. This is one of the most important aspects of healthy aging. During these trying times, this can also be their greatest strength to manage the global pandemic.

Older adults will always have the wisdom to find the silver lining in everything with all the changes they’ve faced, especially in the things they can’t control. They will always have room for personal growth despite their age. Just make sure to help them along the way.

Aging doesn’t necessarily have to entail declining health, memory loss, and remaining stagnant. It’s true when they say that age is just a number. Older adults are more than capable of coping with the global pandemic. They can still be active holistically as long as they have the proper guidance and avenues to do so.

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