6 Pillars of a Successful Relationship

What makes a relationship successful? Whenever we see couples who have spent several years together, that’s often the first thing we ask. After all, in the age of breakups and divorce, it’s becoming harder to keep a relationship on its feet.

If you’re looking for the secret to a happy and successful relationship, you don’t need to look any deeper. We’re already familiar with these so-called secrets. It’s just that we don’t know how much power they have in strengthening bonds.

Before you let a matchmaker or dating app find a date for you in Boston or Miami, here are the pillars of a successful relationship you should know:


Trust is the word that is most often thrown around in relationships. That’s because it’s the most important pillar to maintain a strong and healthy bond. Partners must learn how to trust each other, whether it be regarding little things or massive decisions. Remember that being in a relationship means sharing your life with someone.


Every relationship, be it personal or professional, relies on communication. Effective communication will help foster understanding and confidence in each other, especially in romantic relationships.

Communicating with your partner doesn’t only mean sharing how your day went or telling stories and secrets. It also involves talking out issues and sitting down to explain circumstances instead of giving each other the silent treatment. Any rough patch in a relationship can be fixed by hearing each other out and compromising to make way for each person’s interest.



Two people in a relationship should never lose their individuality. Just because they share their lives doesn’t mean that the partnership is the sole focus. Remember that you and your partner have your own lives, too. So what needs to be present in a healthy relationship is respect for privacy and individual growth.


A relationship is a two-way street where both partners are equal. With that, the interest of one should not always precede that of the other. It just won’t do to have one always ceding the request of their partner or spouse. Compromise is crucial to maintaining a successful relationship. Couples must know how to come to an agreement that is beneficial and selfless to keep the relationship intact. In other words, there must be a fine balance between giving and receiving.


As mentioned, sharing your life with your partner means trusting them. On the other end of that trust comes honesty. Because your partner puts their utmost faith and trust in you, you should hold on to your end of the bargain by being honest. Be sincere about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This will help you and your partner smoothen out rough patches and work towards growth in your relationship.


Although a lot of effort must be put into strengthening a relationship, personal and individual growth must not be neglected. Partners must support each other and foster development, growth, and improvement in each other — both personally and professionally.

Relationships do not work on their own. It requires mutual effort from both parties. If you find that you sincerely understand what it takes to be in a strong relationship, maybe you’re ready now for a long-term, committed relationship.

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