5 Ways Travel Can Bring Personal Growth and Romance

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Feeling lonely? Love and romance can happen anytime, anywhere, and when you least expect it, but especially while watching a spectacular sunset in an exotic location. Sometimes an adventure out of your routine, far from your comfort zone, is what is needed to discover yourself and bond with others.

You might find more partners who are compatible with you. You might find yourself with many possible partners, very much like what you would find in a matchmaker’s office.

There are many reasons it’s easier to discover yourself and find love while traveling:

1. You have the right mindset

The U.S. Travel Association reveals that 82 percent of people travel to reduce stress, while many people do it to make memories and feel a sense of adventure. Without the anxiety of work, they are already in another mindset, more conducive to romance and matchmaking, thanks to the time they have to focus on themselves, improve their outlook on life, reprioritize and yes, fall in love.

2. You feel a need to share

Matchmaking takes on a new significance when in another country. From the rainbow mountains of China to the gondolas of floating Venice, there’s nothing like breathtaking beauty to get your heart beating and accelerate the need to share and witness the world’s magnificence with another person who feels the same way.

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3. You acquire a new zest for life

Whether in Rome doing as the Romans do or hiking in the Himalayas, there’s nothing as life-changing and reinvigorating as travel. Surrounded by different customs and behaviors, experiencing different ways of life, you begin to change your own beliefs and learn from the world around you. This new-found freedom and journey of self-discovery can be quite invigorating and conducive to romance.

4. You appreciate what you have

There’s nothing like seeing the world to alter the perspective of your own existence. By traveling to other countries, you appreciate your own life and what you have. You open your eyes to the wonders of your own existence and this helps expand your mind to what exists on the planet but also rethink your own values and purpose in life.

Sharing a leg of your trip with others on the same path towards self-actualization makes the trip more meaningful. Knowing that these travelers are there for a brief part of the journey helps you not take them for granted, making their presence all the more powerful. With less time on small talk and more time dedicated to creating spiritual connections, matchmaking service is just a step away.

5. You share a bonding experience

survey of the U.S. Travel Association found that couples already in a romantic relationship found that travel helped bring them closer together with their significant other with 84 percent of these couples more likely to communicate better with each other. Findings that emerged from the survey showed that couples who travel together reported greater satisfaction in their relationships were better at building their relationships, and had a greater sense of intimacy and romance.

The truth is, that far away from your usual routine, you may discover that your soulmate is just a flight, ferryboat, or train ride away.

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