4 Tips to Ace a Job Interview

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The process involved in applying for a new job can be nerve-wracking. After submitting your CV, the HR department in a company reviews it. If they are interested in getting to know more about you, they call you in for an interview.

Often, the interview composes of two parts. First, you talk to a human resources representative who asks you simple questions about your background, education, and job experience. The challenge begins in your second interview with the CEO or, in some cases, the head of the department you are applying for. This phase of the process can seem intimidating. But if you want to get that job, you’re going to have to impress your potential employer. Here are tips on how to ace a job interview.

Dress to impress.

They say first impressions last, and that’s definitely important when applying for a job in a company. Your employer or interviewer will look at your qualifications, sure, but how you portray yourself will also be significant in their decision.

Make sure you dress professionally and neatly for your interview. Visit a hair salon for men or women, choose your best formal attire, and shine your shoes. Dressing professionally will interest the interviewer to pay attention to you more, and it will increase the chances of you doing well and landing that job.

Do a background check.

Companies like hiring people who are knowledgeable not only about the job they are applying for but also about the company. Knowledge is power in this instance. The day before your interview, do your research on the company background, its mission and vision, its products, and services, etc. You can bet that the employer will ask you how familiar you are with their corporation. If you do your research, you’ll be able to answer tough questions and tailor your responses to the company identity.

Take the time to practice.

Taking the time to practice answering common interview questions will go a long way in preparing you for a job interview. If you do, you’ll reduce the chances of you panicking and blacking out in front of your potential employer.

You can either do this alone or with a friend. Don’t memorize your answers, or else that will make you look too rehearsed and ingenuine. Just get an idea of how or in what context you will be answering the questions. Practice your body language, too, like your posture, maintaining eye contact, and the implementation of your hand gestures.

Honesty is the best policy.

Male interviewee shaking hands with female

Many first-time job applicants tend to overhype their skills and expertise. Sometimes, this lands them the job. But in most instances, they come off as arrogant. Remember that the potential employer values your character traits more than your achievements. They’re looking for someone who is a good fit in the organization, not only skills-wise but personality-wise as well.

Answer questions honestly. That’s something your employer will highly value. If they ask you what your weaknesses are, don’t answer with “I have no weakness.” Instead, be honest with what you think you need improvement on and tell them how you can do better or how it will be a benefit to their corporation.

Whether it’s your first time applying for a job or you’ve done it several times before, the interview phase is going to be a bit frightening. But a little preparation will go a long way in helping you deliver nicely. And remember to be yourself during the interview as employers value personality and honesty above all else.

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