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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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New Song and Review from Norman Concert (Read 2791 times)
Peter Pan

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New Song and Review from Norman Concert
10/27/12 at 11:56:24
I was fortunate to get to see Patty in concert this Thursday in Norman, OK and it was amazing. To see her back up there on the stage with just her guitars and a piano was exactly what my soul needed. She was dressed in a lovely white dress and red leather boots with her hair flowing in loose curls down her shoulders. She seemed so happy up on the stage and shared several little stories and was very funny. One of the best moments was when she asked the audience why they were called the Sooners. Several audience members yelled that it was about the land rush and she seemed fine with that answer, but then they kept going saying that they were the cheaters and stole all the land from the Native Americans. If you've never been to Norman, about 3/4 of the businesses there seemed to be named The Sooner (something) including the theatre we were currently watching her in so it was strange to her as well as those of us in the audience that weren't from there that there seemed to be such pride taken. Still, Patty was very funny with it and just asked if she'd heard them right and then said something like, "Oh...well...sure. I can see that then..." and moved on to the next song. She talked about how she had been out doing weird projects the last few years and decided she needed to get back to doing her stuff. There were two brief mentions of her love life, once saying she'd been doing backing vocals for her "sweetheart, Robert" and then later before singing "Heavenly Day" she mentioned that she had a very good reason to write a new love song and was under a lot of pressure to write a new one because her love life had been going very well as of late...but so far she still just had the one song for Bean. She started the show off playing "Burgundy Shoes" on the piano and there was a weird speaker thing going on when she got to the piano solo but she kept playing through it. After she'd moved over to the guitars, a tech came out and worked on the piano for a minute or two and got it fixed. I'm very happy he did because she did a second song on there that is new and going to be on the new album, American Kid. She said it was written for her father after hearing stories he told of his time when he was younger. Of the new songs I've heard so far, I think it's my favorite. I took video, but my phone is not great. Still, I thought I'd include at least that one †
As she was going over to the piano she excused herself from the left side of the audience saying that she would be the voice on the right behind the piano. Once she sat down behind it, she did basically disappear and I was fifth row, center. The following are the songs I can remember her doing and completely in random order. I'm sure I will forget some...
Burgundy Shoes
House of Gold
Stay On the Ride
Railroad Wings
Poor Man's House
Heavenly Day
I'm Gonna Miss You When You're Gone
Get Ready Marie †(have no idea if this will be on the album)
Nobody's Crying
Flaming Red
Be Back Around or Irish Boy...the new one about her dad. I have no idea what it's called (new song on American Kid album)
American Kid "I Am Not A Bad Man" (new song on American Kid album)
You Can Go Wherever You Want To Go (new song on American Kid album)
Making Pies
Wild Old Dog (new song on American Kid album)
Before she did the encore of "Heavenly Day" and "I'm Gonna Miss You When You're Gone" there were a lot of people in the audience yelling out song titles and she said that she could never really understand what people were asking for when they did that so it always reminded her of the old Calgon commercials because she just wanted to say, "Calgon, take me away. I can't understand a word they're saying." Anyway, it was a very beautiful theatre. Max Gomez was the opening act and he's got a great voice and held his own in front of an audience that really just wanted Patty to come out and start playing. He said it might have felt like a small show to some of the people in the audience but it was a huge show to him. His mom was in the audience as well so that was really neat.  
For anyone having trouble understanding Patty due to my horrible recording on my phone, the lyrics to the Irish Boy song about her father are...
I danced in the arms of a black haired girl
In Scollay Square after the war
And I drank to get drunk
And I sank and I stunk
Like a drunk on the subway floor
And I never did marry Kathy OíShea
She met another and they went their way
To the wind youíre a toy
Just a drunk Irish boy
Just a face in the crowd
But Iíll be back around
To show you all something someday
There are some things that must remain secret
You can find no good reason to tell
Thereís too many men telling their secrets these days
And Iíd like to tell them to all go to hell  
So I never had dreams and they never came true
As far as you know anyway
To the wind youíre a toy
Just a drunk Irish boy
Just a face in the crowd
But Iíll be back around
To show you all something someday
Glory be, glory be, to the highest of trees
We used to climb my brother and me
High on their limbs
Two laughing hyenas
Over West Strausberry Cemetery
To the wind youíre a toy
Just a thin Irish boy
Coming back home from a war
Just a face in the crowd
Just a drunk and out loud
Just you try looking down
Cause Iíll be back around
To show you all something some day
To show you all something some day
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