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08/24/19 at 06:57:28
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PattyNet (Read 4977 times)
Peter Pan

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09/03/11 at 23:09:33
Does anyone know what happened to PattyNet? It seems to have some kind of error issue going on. Is it gone for some reason?
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Big Daddy

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Re: PattyNet
Reply #1 - 09/06/11 at 07:38:49
the error is one where certain updates were not completed and the version in use is no longer supported by the company. So you need to get hold of Gillian and ask her to update her forum
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Re: PattyNet- Again up and running
Reply #2 - 11/27/11 at 17:01:14
FYI. pattynet is back up and running-- Gillian posted the following on the discussion pattynet discussion board:
Dear members and friends of PattyNet:
I regret that PattyNet was offline for such an extended period of time, and want to offer a personal apology to those of you tried to visit the site while it was down. I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me personally regarding the site during that time. Your messages were a great reminder about the effect that PattyNet has had on those of us who have found a home and family here.
To answer a question I have been asked a few times, I never intended to take down or "close" PattyNet. Unfortunately, there was a catastrophic loss of data, and I was unable to devote the time needed to fully restore the site until now. Unfortunately, I was not able to recover everything from the forum, and lost all of the threads beyond January 2011. While I'm disappointed to have lost any data at all, I'm grateful to have been able to salvage the majority of the great history of posts in PattyNet forum, as well as the wealth of concert and recording information in PattyBase.
Thank you for your patience, and thanks for returning! Your support (for almost 7 years now!) is what has always made this place what it is. I hope that PattyNet will continue to serve as a friendly haven and source of information for Patty Griffin fans worldwide.
With lots and lots of Patty love, always,
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