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02/21/19 at 00:45:53
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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Band of Joy - reviews & video (Read 5440 times)
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Re: Band of Joy - reviews & video
Reply #1 - 07/20/10 at 13:22:54
The show is a lot of fun and the musicians are all outstanding! I was lucky enough to get to go to the Tulsa show at the Brady Theater...totally sold out but I got great seats. Patty's voice blends beautifully with Robert Plant's and it's always an extra treat to hear her singing with Buddy Miller so it was pretty much awesome all around. There were a few little technical difficulties but they played them off really well and, when they just couldn't pretend, RP would make some joke about it and the audience would go crazy (as they were through most of the show). Patty had a few solo parts to the songs but mostly just sang along with Robert or did "oohs" and "aahs" as only she can do. Her voice was spot on during the night and was a bit of a buffer for the moments when Robert Plant's wasn't quite there. I can't believe they didn't just all crash down from exhaustion at the end though. I don't remember a single moment where she wasn't moving. She swayed and danced all the way through the 2 hours, but looked like she was having a ball. I couldn't help but wonder how this experience might influence the writing and sound of the next album of hers. Of course, I'm buying this one as soon as Band of Joy is released. Angel Dance was awesome! So many of them were awesome. Anyway, it was ... well... awesome Smiley
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Re: Band of Joy - reviews & video
Reply #2 - 01/28/11 at 08:45:01
Saw the show again this past Wednesday night at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA.  You have to give Plant credit as he allows each and every member of the band an opportunity to shine. Move Up was PG's number this time around and it was cool to picture it as a Patty show with Robert Plant as a backup singer
By at the end of the day, this show is all about Plant, He may not be able to hit every note of his youth but he is still a rock n roll god
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