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02/21/19 at 00:13:03
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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Patty in Pittsburgh (Read 2500 times)
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Patty in Pittsburgh
06/24/10 at 14:49:08
Dusted off the flaming red boots ( it's been 2 yrs since Patty last graced our city) & headed out to see Patty close out the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Decided at the last minute b/c of iffy weather, but the fates were kind & not only held off the rain, but also kept the sun behind clouds for most of the show. Patty wore a large, loose shift blouse, beige & brown, with short, cuffed jeans, & red boots, a bit of knee showing in between.Her hair looked brown from where I sat, with it only looking red when a strong light was behind her. Doug Lancio on guitar, Frank Swart on upright bass, John Dederick on keyboards & Marco Giovino on drums. John & Frank were with Patty when I first started following her about 10 years ago. Marco is new to me. Set List:
If I Had My Way
Wade in the Water
Little Fire
Death's Got a Warrant
Move Up
Heavenly Day
Coming Home to Me
No Bad News   -  solo
Mary  -   solo  
Love Throw a Line
The Strange Man
Waiting for My Child
Stay on the Ride
I Smell a Rat
Up to the Mountain
Why Get Up
   Delighted to see & hear Patty again. As usual , My favorites were the slow, soulful ones; "Waiting for My Child" , "Coming Home to Me" & "Up to the Mountain". "No Bad News was a knockout. Hard to believe that one guitar could be so raucous & rythmic. It seems to be a difficult  song to play , & Patty was spot on, instrument & vocals. I was surprised to get all the titles right b/c Patty has a lot of songs that are new to me, & she doesn't always announce them. Amazing that there are at least 30-40 songs that I would have liked to hear & didn't, but I was completely satisfied with what she did sing. Doug was great on guitar, his soloes & his interplay with Patty's guitar on occasion , while never competing with Patty's vocals. Total band yolume did edlipse her momentarilt, but not often. Looking forward to another CD , & the next Pittsburgh stop.
You have your own special way
Of turning the world  
So that it's facing  
The way that I'm going
Michael Rutherford
"Your Own Special Way"
Performed by Genesis
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