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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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Patty Griffin transforms House of Blues (Read 2539 times)
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Patty Griffin transforms House of Blues
04/19/10 at 14:51:30
Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin transforms House of Blues into house of worship
DALLAS -- For a couple of hours Friday night, the House of Blues was transformed into a house of worship.  
The occasion? Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, making a long-overdue return to North Texas, and her powerful new album, Downtown Church. Recorded in a downtown Nashville church over a year ago, the album is rich with obscure gospel gems and a few new compositions that fit snugly alongside.  
And while that might sound like a recipe for holier-than-thou boredom, it was anything but. For about an hour and 40 minutes, the flame-haired Griffin ran through much of Downtown Church, backed by a spectacular band anchored by ace guitarist Buddy Miller, who produced Church and opened the evening with a limber 40-minute set.  
Griffin also sprinkled her set with a few appropriate covers, including a mesmerizing reading of Waylon Jennings' I Do Believe.  
A looseness, a playfulness leavened some of the heavier moments, particularly when Griffin and the band indulged in raucous rave-ups that vibrated with intensity.  
Watching Griffin lose herself in the rhythms of a track like Move Up contrasted sharply with the set's undeniable highlight: a transcendent rendition of Coming Home to Me that stilled the chatty crowd and moved many to tears.  
It made for a night of music that was spiritual in every sense of the word; Griffin was in fine voice, and the audience was with her every step of the way.  
Toward the end of her performance, Griffin, who last played the Metroplex over two years ago, mused aloud that she needed to visit more often. If that means music fans get to go to church more often, then so be it. html
Thought this was a pretty good one Smiley  
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