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02/21/19 at 00:13:26
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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Seattle (Read 3841 times)
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Jan the Janitor

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04/02/10 at 03:47:20
We’ll start with the good stuff! Patty looking lovely with filmy asymmetrical dress with black (maybe leather) arm and leg warmers.  She can also play a mean set of spoons on those thighs. I remember vividly the first time I saw Patty perform some twelve years ago and it just warms your heart to see how she has grown as an artist. She just commands the stage now.  
As always, a terrific band and a perfect one to showcase Downtown Church. Enjoyed the new drummer, Marco Giovino and it’s great to see John Deaderick and Frank Swart’s return. Doug got to showcase his stellar guitar skills several times, especially on Love Throw a Line. Also, don’t recall ever hearing so many back up vocals from him – and I think he had that same jacket a dozen years ago!  
The addition of Buddy as a band member and opener is a wonder to behold. Three Girls and Their Buddy didn’t showcase as much how well they compliment each other. She accompanied him on most of his set and he was present on most of hers, so they had quite a three hour workout.
I believe this was Buddy’s set:
How I got to Memphis (solo acoustic)
Worry too Much
Wide River to Cross
Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
I Want to be With You Always
Shelter Me
Written in Chalk
Gasoline and Matches
All My Tears (solo acoustic)
(He mentioned just before the Lefty Frizzell song that he had just collaborated with Seattlite Bill Frisell on an album and that Patty will be a guest vocalist.)
Patty’s set:
If I Had My Way
Wade in the Water
Little Fire
Death’s Got a Warrant (haunting, breathtaking, evocative with that thumping drum)  
Move Up
Heavenly Day (solo)
I Do Believe (solo)
Get Ready Marie (solo) (very amusing and a real crowd pleaser)
Mary (solo)
Never Grow Old (with Buddy)
Love Throw a Line (great rendition, Doug et al rocked)
Strange Man (wow, Patty owned the song)
Waiting for My Child (beautiful)
I Small a Rat (another wow)
House of Gold
We All Shall Be Reunited
Coming Home to Me
Why Get Up (a rollicking F.Thunderbird’s rocker)
Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)
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Jennifer Caputo
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Re: Seattle
Reply #1 - 04/02/10 at 09:37:57
oh what a great setlist!!! I am so excited for this tour, especially with all of the Flaming Red tour guys back!  I always loved Frank's faces Smiley
Glad you enjoyed yourself, Jan!
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Peter Pan

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Re: Seattle
Reply #2 - 04/02/10 at 21:44:30
Pics from the Seattle show:
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