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08/24/19 at 06:59:30
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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I truly hope you all don't mind (Read 2641 times)
Peter Pan

Can't Get Enough

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I truly hope you all don't mind
01/29/10 at 10:28:49       I just love her so much  kiss like all you do and I felt its time that so many more deserve to know what we all know already.I am dumb and it took me all night to do and I tried to do the best I could with as much respect I could. I promise I won't make a habbit of this but that song touches me like so many of her songs do. I hope all you veterans of loving her for so many years will not be mad because I respect you all for learning so many years before me of her genious. Lastly if she don't win the grammy for gospel album of the year get the straightjacket I am going to need ready   Shocked          Personally I would give her both gospel and album of the year and by doing so saying to the world ya we f..... up by waiting 17 years to give her 1 so ya we givin her 2.   Grin  Let me know how you feel sure I hope for nice words but if you feel I deserve the s h  i t e   then I guess I want to hear that to.
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