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04/18/19 at 11:47:24
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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Does Not Matter What You Play Of Her (Read 4372 times)
Peter Pan

Can't Get Enough

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Does Not Matter What You Play Of Her
09/04/07 at 23:02:24
Let Him Fly    Sweet Lorraine    Forgiveness   Nobody's Crying   Useless Desires    Christina    (My Favourite - Mary - Live Version - Sung with Emmylou)   I could go on and on.My point is this woman should be cherished.I not only can't stop playing all her lovely music but yes I worship the ground she walks on. Smiley
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Pattys personal Lappdog......I Wish LOL
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Peter Pan

I Love Patty

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Re: Does Not Matter What You Play Of Her
Reply #1 - 09/07/07 at 10:58:22
Thanks for bringing me back to the time when I first heard LWG. I saw her later in a little club in Cambridge, MA with my daughter and thought it was it was the greatest night of music I had ever experienced. She is one of a kind. Doug
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