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08/21/19 at 02:51:28
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Listen to the Singer Songwriter Tour gals sing "I Want It That Way"

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2 new features (Read 5438 times)
Jennifer Caputo
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2 new features
05/30/05 at 18:37:19
Well... one of them probably won't be of much notice but it did take a while so I'm mentioning it anyway.. hehe
1.  Concert pictures!  If there are pictures available from a concert then when you search the archives you'll see a link to view photos from that evening's show.  Try it out:
2005 Pics/dates
2.  The Links Page!  I moved the links page to a database so that we can easily add, remove, and modify them.  I thought it would be fun to try to link to all the streamable performances Patty has out there on the internet, various articles, etc.  I just started adding stuff but if you can think of things I should link to that I haven't yet then let me know!
The new links page.
Next up.... the discography monster.. hehe
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Re: 2 new features
Reply #1 - 06/23/05 at 16:46:02
We have been working on the links and the discography sections, so stop by and see what has changed. We still have about 70 other CD's and singles to add to the list
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