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Message started by Arlene on 02/09/10 at 15:43:31

Title: Marybeth D'Amico
Post by Arlene on 02/09/10 at 15:43:31

I thought there was a thread for news about one of my favorite Americana artists, longtime TDtT member, Marybeth D'Amico, but I couldn't find it so I'll start this thread.  I just received a great mass e-mail/news update from MB so I thought I'd republish it here:

Hey all,

I hope you had a good start into 2010! I just wanted to give you an update of my music plans for the year.

First off is a short trip to the Netherlands in April, in which Rob van Duuren and I will play four gigs, including a national radio program called OBA-Amsterdam. I have enjoyed playing with Rob on a previous trip to Holland, he’s the guy you see playing pedal steel on my video performances on YouTube. I also have to thank Theo Looijmans for kindly devoting his time on a volunteer basis to help me plan some performances there.

Then in May I am looking forward to my second U.K. tour! I am very happy to have found a crack team in the UK with James Soars (promotion) and Julian Lewry (booking). It’s rare in this business to say you feel safe in someone’s hands, but in this case it applies! The two have done a great job of generating some buzz for my debut album—which was re-released by the UK label Proper in November 2009—and we’ve already got some nice gigs booked. You can find dates on my website or via myspace.

I am also thrilled to have been chosen to do a live 45 minute session on Bob Harris’ show on BBC 2 while in London, which will be broadcast on May 22nd. I will be accompanied during the session and throughout my UK tour by Alan Cook, a veteran sideman who plays pedal steel and other wondrous acoustic instruments. I am looking forward to working with him—and having HIM drive on the left rather than me, because, who knows where that could end up!

Even more exciting is that I am finally going to go back into the studio to record my second album. I am returning to Austin to work again with Bradley Kopp, producer and musician extraordinaire. The emails and remote files are already flying back and forth across the Atlantic and recording should take place in September 2010. My plan will be to release the album in early 2011. The songs are all written, so I can tell you that you can expect something a little rockier from me in my second outing. That’s all I’ll say for now!

If you want to take a listen to some recent performances, I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube from my house concert at the Ammersee with KC McKanzie and Budi Budinsky in November. Check out, for example, a new song, “Reborn“ or “Ohio” sung in a trio with KC and Budi. There’s also a video of me live unplugged in the living room/kitchen, singing another unreleased song, “Down Within The Darkness“. An appropriate title I guess, as my daughter Bianca says there isn’t one song of mine that omits the word dark. What can I say, I just like the dark side! I hope you enjoy listening.

Take care all!



Title: Re: Marybeth D'Amico
Post by murph on 02/10/10 at 12:26:40

We featured Marybeth in the garage a few months ago. But it got lost

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