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Message started by Megs on 05/18/07 at 14:37:35

Title: First Star
Post by Megs on 05/18/07 at 14:37:35

Hey All-

I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of First Star. †Patty has been playing that hit and miss on her Spring 2007 tour. †I saw her in March and heard the song. †I was so overwhelmed with her performance I didn't realize how the words were affecting me, until a friend asked me after the concert if I was thinking about my dad during the song. †

My dad died in January of a brain tumor, and on the way down to take care of arrangements, on my solo tearful drive, I saw the biggest brightest shooting star- fall for what had to have been 5 or more seconds, across my entire windshield.

Going back and looking closer at the words, I would just love to hear that song again and put the words and my feelings in the same pot. †I didn't have the best relationship with my dad for the past 13 years, and there were just so many things I wish he would have told me before he died, but he didn't....so I look at the words:

† †Iím wishing so. †
† †With some hope to come out of nowhere †
† †For sadness to have an end
† †That I could be with you back there somewhere
† †We could start all over again

I waited for months for him to own up to being a selfish, self-absorbed jerk. †And even after he died I just keep thinking, I"m going to find something someday that proves that he loved me...and then, some place down the line... we could try it all again.

† †All these things that I tell you
† †Donít go breaking my heart in two
† †Iím not fighting with the wind
† †Joy will come again
† †And wishes Iím wishing will come true

And in my inherited stubborness, I feel that in all the ways that I am sad (that he's gone, that I miss the thought of him, that I miss his humor, that I missed the chance to hug him tight one more time) I won't let it break my heart...I'm not gonig to fight the wind. †I"m living a good live without his parenting, as I have for 13 years....I"m fine and the new things I'm wishing for in my life will be true, without wishing on his star.
† †
Sorry for the rambles, trying to self psyciatrize...If anyone has this available I would really apprieciate it!
Megs :-X

Title: Re: First Star
Post by flamingred24 on 05/19/07 at 10:48:54

Hi Megs,

Wow, I don't have a copy for you but I wish I did. †Sounds like that song was written for you. †You should send that letter to Patty. †I bet she would love to know she helped you through your suffering. :'(

Title: Re: First Star
Post by Megs on 05/26/07 at 09:28:47

Hey All-

Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me with a message to pass along First Star.   I really appreciate it.  I got what I need, and it means so much to me to have that song.

Thank you all again.  Maybe the world is more good than bad after all.  :)


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