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Message started by Jonsie on 07/13/04 at 17:55:48

Title: "Let Him Fly"
Post by Jonsie on 07/13/04 at 17:55:48

This is a great song.  To me it's about letting go.  It's so hard to do but you have to especially if the other party want's to be free.  There is nothing you can do or say but to just "Let Him Fly"

Title: Re: "Let Him Fly"
Post by PenguinOnIce on 07/13/04 at 20:41:49

I've always thought of it as being about her divorce in 1994.

Title: Re: "Let Him Fly"
Post by ladyday on 09/09/04 at 08:38:55

i dont no about u guys but a real sign of a gd songwriter is that the songs can b interpreted in different ways 2 relate 2 different ppl at the various stages of there lives.....patty will obviously hav her own reason and meanings behind her songs but 2 me 'let him fly'  is gainin the confidence 2 say yer u no wot i dont need them and yer like jonsie sed lettin go and realisin when 2 is a big message in the song!

much love
ladyday x  :-*x

Title: Re: "Let Him Fly"
Post by Melana on 05/28/05 at 13:56:29

This is gonna sound odd, but I'm a drama student, and my teacher wanted us to come up with a song that represented our character when we were doing Macbeth. I was Lady Macduff, and chose this song. Certain lines seemed really apt - although this won't make much sense to people who don't know the play that well...really made me look at the character in a different light.

Things can move at such a pace
The second hand just waved goodbye
You know the light has left his face
But you canít recall just where or why

Thereís no mercy in a live wire
No rest at all in freedom
Of the choices we are given itís no choice at all

And there ainít no talkin to this man
Heís been tryin to tell me so
It took awhile to understand the beauty of just letting go

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