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Message started by Julie on 01/18/04 at 22:59:22

Title: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Julie on 01/18/04 at 22:59:22

What one Patty song turned the tide for you?  Made you into a convert, believer, devotee, etc.?

For me, that song would be Rain.  I had Flaming Red and 1,000 Kisses, but I listened to only a handful of songs that I "liked" a lot, for instance, Mary, Blue Sky, and Be Careful.

Then one day, I heard Rain on a local radio station.  I'm not sure why exactly, as I had listened to it on the CD before, but after that listen, I almost immediately listened to the whole CD and fell in love with Chief, Making Pies, Stolen Car, Nobody's Crying....It was almost as if a switch had been flipped.  I listened to everything else with a new set of ears, almost.

Something about the line "I'm not looking for the rest of your life, I just want another chance to live...." gets me all the time. On the DVD, she talks about the persistent and torrential rain inspiring her to write this song, particularly the feeling of not being able to take much more.  To me, this song is about surrendering, giving up in a small way, in order to hold onto whatever's right in front of you.  

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by ScottG40 on 01/20/04 at 08:12:45

"Long Ride Home"
The line "How hard would it have been to say some kinder words instead....?" That flipped my switch.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by klary on 01/20/04 at 10:33:24

the lines from Nobody's crying:
somewhere on the steepest slope
there's an endless rope
and nobody's crying.

For me, this sums up her ability to write about hardship and heartache, but without ever being bitter or cynical. There is always some hope and faith in her songs, even if it's only a glimpse of it.


Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by alaina on 01/20/04 at 11:59:56

every little bit....

it still does it for me
and it is still one of the toughest songs to play on the geetar - the timing and the vocals KILL me - probably one reason I have such respect for it - rain n nobodys crying are two of my favs- i love long ride too - good taste  yall 8)

there was never a moment
not a moment
now you know
now you know
now you know
now you know

you ever get within a hundred
a million miles
of my soul

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Fool_on_Fire on 01/20/04 at 14:29:33


I heard it, and I felt like the world had changed.

Especially these lines:

I don't necessarily buy
any key to the future or happiness, but I
need a little place in the sun sometimes
or I think I will die

Completely captured my heart. She just sounded like she truly understood what it felt like to be in a bad place...and how hard it is to learn to love and respect yourself again.

I've since learned to love other Patty songs more than this one, but that was where it all began, six years ago.


Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by redlucifer on 01/20/04 at 19:55:09

For me, every album has at least one fantastic song ... "Cain" was the first song I ever heard and even though I never understood it, I loved it.  "Forgiveness" was the next 'favourite' ... "Tony" from "Flaming Red"  after that ...etc!  Last year whilst suffering through a family trip in Eastern Europe I heard "Not Alone" for the umpteenth time and it made me want to cry.  Lately, I have fallen in love with "I Write the Book" from LFML1 - such a simple song (which means even I can play it on the guitar), but the nearest thing I've heard to a perfectly written 'pop' song (in my opinion anyway).

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by TonyG on 01/20/04 at 20:04:50

The poignancy and power of 'Making Pies'.  The emotion in her voice.  This is the best song I've heard in years.  

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by DixieMedley on 01/20/04 at 20:52:29

"Be Careful" was the first Patty song I heard. A friend sent an mp3 of it to me one night when I was crying about a boy who had hurt me. I fell in love with the song and had to get more of this Patty Griffin stuff.

I found Living with Ghosts, the Silver Bell promo and 1000 Kisses in used stores near me and bought all three within two weeks of each other. I still can't decide which disc is my favorite, LwG or 1000 Kisses. I ordered Flaming Red online because I couldn't find it for liess than $18 anywhere around here. I pre-ordered A Kiss in Time, and am anxiously awaiting the next release. So yeah, I guess I've hurried to get caught up.

While "Be Careful" is definitely not my favorite song, I have a hard time settling on just one that I consider "best." I love "Moses," "Making Pies," "Rain," "Long Ride Home," "Every Little Bit"...

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by girl_goddess on 01/21/04 at 00:35:57

the very first patty cd i had was the LWG promo that i picked up for 99 cents with Moses, Let Him Fly, Every Little Bit and Mad Mission on it.  

I listened to those four songs over and over (x10,000).  
I can't pick a fav. song of those but i absolutely adore the lines:

sometimes you find yourself flying low at night
flying blind and looking for any sign of light
you're cold and scared and all alone
you'd do anything just to make it home
-mad mission

i didn't get my next patty album (flaming red) for awhile after that and then finally got the full LWG album.


Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Megs on 01/23/04 at 12:32:19

Holy Crap----Sweet Lorraine!  

Never have listened to it without losing my breath, its never in the background...no matter if its barely audible...I can hear it perfectly, if I'm sleeping with music on...its the song I always wake up to.
I play it everytime I pick up the guitar....its the first Patty song I fell in love with.

Since then obviously...there have been others...The first time I heard Long Ride Home was close to that same feeling...but nothing will match the first time I heard Sweet Lorraine...when the love affair with Patty's poetry began.

Megs ;D

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by marybeth on 01/23/04 at 16:15:28

I fell in love with the song TOTW having heard the Dixie Chicks version. That led me to PAtty.....I fell in love with most of the songs on Living With Ghosts! The first ones to really hit me: Every Little Bit, Lorraine, Poor Man's House, You never get what you want. Then after repeated listens: Forgiveness, still a favorite.

Hey Red Lucifer, funny, I am totally OBSESSED right now with I Write the Book. Its in my head all the time and I desperately want a proper tab for it. When I listen to it on CD, am I right in thinking it is tuned a half-tone lower?  

Title: one word:  
Post by Leo9 on 01/23/04 at 19:37:09

CAIN.  I had bought the Lilith Fair cd because I like someone who performed at that show, and when I heard CAIN I forgot all about that person, don't even remember what her name is at this point.  Patty completely put me away with that song, and I was hooked instantly.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by djcagney on 02/01/04 at 12:16:19

It took me a suprisingly long time to get to listening to Living with Ghosts all the way through given how taken I was with the first time I heard Patty.  Here's the long version:

I first heard "Time Will Do The Talking" on the AT&T Digital Cable Coffehouse Favorites Music station that I had playing in the background while I was working on the computer.  The song caught my ear and made me turn around midway to see the artist information.  I wrote down the information on a post-it note which went into my desk drawer for 8 months.

When I was cleaning, I found the post-it note and moved it to my PC monitor for another 2 months.

I finally looked her up on Amazon.com, listened to a couple more tracks and ordered "Living with Ghosts" (the only one available at that time).  I had ordered 4 other discs at that time and never really got around to listening to hers for another 3 months.  (if you're keeping track - we're up to 13 months from first contact).  

I bought a new car with a six CD changer and grabbed 6 discs randomly and put them into the car - Living with Ghosts was one of them.  Within a week - Living with Ghosts was the only disc I would listen to in the car.  I started to worry that I was getting brainwashed from listening to the same songs over and over for months.  I then needed to make multiple copies of the CD so that I could listen to it at any time - in the car, at home, work, working out.  Ridiculous.

Time Will Do The Talking first hooked me - but Sweet Lorraine made it into an addiction!   ;)

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by SeaFoam on 02/01/04 at 21:54:38


I was introduced to Patty through my sister.  She had been raving about her and raving about Terri Nunn in the same sentance... so since I knew I wasn't big into Terri, I passed on Patty.

Then The Chicks did some PG songs and I started to like the lyrics.  I ended up picking up a LWG advance CD for a buck at a CD Warehouse that was closing and Listened passively.

It wasn't untill Thanksgiving 2003 that my sister made me some copies of her CD's did I get hooked.

I'd have to say that "Sorry & Sad" is the song that really roped me in and got me hooked.  I've since discoverd that my favorites at this point include Silver Bell, Tony, Christina, Mary, Flaming Red, Let Him Fly, Rain and of course Sorry & Sad.

And yes, please don't yell at me, I'm planning on BUYING all of the CD's legitimately.  I want to support Patty and her music, and I know that especially without being mainstream - ever CD sale counts.

My only concern is:  The A&M releases - will Patty still get a healthy cut of the proceeds even though she's not still on the label.  I would imagine that since she's the song writer, she's gonna be fine with sales from her old CD's, but incase there's a better, more direct way to support Patty - then I'd rather do that.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by solesearching on 02/02/04 at 16:45:42

I first heard Let Him Fly on a Sunday night radio show here in Detroit back in 96 and I fell in love instantly.  I ran out the next afternoon and bought the album.

I have yet to see Patty live, even though she has played in Michigan many times.  Hopefully she will come to Michigan if/when she tours for her new album.  

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by LeeAnneJ on 03/28/04 at 22:39:29

I fell in love with Patty after I heard Let Him Fly. I had just broken up with my first love, and was in the midst of trying to let it all go. The way she explains the difficulty in dealing with matters of the heart is so beautiful. I then heard the song Rain, and it changed the way I listened to music forever. Patty soothes my soul. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to her music. I don't think that any other musician has moved me to tears so many times, even after hearing the words hundreds of times. Patty, thank you for being genuine, passionate, and inspiring!

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by PattyChick13 on 03/31/04 at 17:26:18

I first heard of Patty from the Dixie Chicks. They covered 'Let Him Fly' (where I first found out about Patty, but never really looked into her), 'Top of the World' (which started making me a fan), and Truth No. 2 (which really got me into Patty). I also read in Country Weekly in the CD recommendation section that 'If you like the Dixie Chicks' "Home", then you will like Patty Griffin's "1,000 Kisses"'. They were right!

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Locke on 04/03/04 at 15:01:51

The first PG song that I ever encountered was The Long Ride Home while browsing through some internet radio stations. Intrigued, I did a lil' digging and came across Rain... My God, that song must have been written just for me. Made of Clay was my next discovery. The raw emotion she puts into her music awes and inspires me. It's always been my belief that a good song stripped of music is a great poem, and sans lyrics a great tune. She combines the two masterfully. She's playing a show in Cinci this year and you can bet I plan to be there

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Iowa on 04/06/04 at 11:20:31

My introduction to Patty's music had to have some kind of karma influence.

I loved Patty's music long before I even knew it was her.  I loved Let Him Fly and Truth No. 2, but didn't realize the songwriter was an artist herself.  I then saw Chief on CMT and liked it as well. I could just see the wealth of talent and she gave off an old soul kind of  aura right through the tv. I was captivated by this song that was so different than the rest of the pop-country music that CMT and Nashville keep force feeding us.  I simply loved it and her style.

Then I caught her on Jack Ingram's cd singing back up and said "That's IT!! I'm buying her cd." and I bought 1000 Kisses and loved it.  After that, I started making the connections. I promptly bought Flaming Red and Living With Ghosts for my birthday - which I found out after the fact  is the same day as Patty's - March 16th.    

Patty just kept re-appearing in many forms and ways and I had no choice.  I was destined to fall in love with her music.  

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Robert Richardson on 04/07/04 at 22:47:36

My brother first introduced me to Patty shortly after LWG came out.  I really enjoyed Every Little Bit, Sweet Lorraine and You Are Not Alone.  At that point in my life I was more interested in grunge and rock than anything else, but I remember acknowledging that she was talented and I enjoyed her voice.
It wasn't until years later that I got hooked.
I was driving out the beach in North Carolina with my friend Julie.  We were listening to the Lilith Fair CD and I saw that Patty was on their with a song I had never heard before...Cain.
At this point in my life I was starting to get into chick music (not to say feminine music, but music made by females) like Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco so I was more open to Patty.
I remember hearing the first bit of Cain and getting a very large smile on my face as I turned the volume up, way up.  It was a bright Carolina day, probably somewhere in the 70's, blue skies and I'm driving to the beach (after living many years in Chicago the beach is a wonderful place to be) and I'm with this amazing girl.
We were jammin along to Cain and I was totally speechless.  At the end of the song when she really gets into it, I had squirmed around in ectasy in my seat so much that I was practically under the dashboard.
I'll never forget that day and that moment and I will be a Patty fan for life.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by waffles on 04/14/04 at 22:44:07

I moved from rural Pennsylvania, where people don't come to perform, to Minneapolis.  As a gift, my aunt bought me tickets to see Shawn COlvin (this is I think 97 or 96).  I was really excited, and while waiting for her to get ready on the night of the show, she handed me Living With Ghosts and said that this was the person opening for Shawn, I should put it in to get us pumped for the concert.  I put it in, pressed play and the minute "Diamonds, roses" hit my ears, I was emotionally on my knees.  I knew that I was experiencing something beyond this world and Patty's painfully shy performance is still the best concert I've seen.  I love Shawn, but after Patty I had no interest in hearing her, I wanted more Patty.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Turk145 on 05/02/04 at 21:57:24

...my brother made a compilation tape of different artists. Patty sang w/Ellis Paul, "Conversations with a Ghost" was my 1st exposure to PG. What a brilliant piece of work. "Sweet Lorraine" followed. After 10 years, I still love it.
 The movie "Niagara, Niagara" gave me "You Are Not Alone" Patty is a Godsend for we who find strength in nostalgic memories combined w/the hard truths in life.  
   Austin City Limits w/PG doing TOTW was too good.
"Rain" and "Making Pies" still make me cry. My current obsession is "Useless Desires"
    .....Every day I take a bitter pill that gets me on my way. For the little aches and pains, the ones I have from day to day. To help me think a little less about the things I miss. To help me not to wonder how I ended up like this.....
    Patty is a genius to me. I can't wait to see her again this August in Atlanta w/Emmy and gang.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by vineviz on 05/04/04 at 09:46:33

SeaFoam wrote:
My only concern is:  The A&M releases - will Patty still get a healthy cut of the proceeds even though she's not still on the label.  I would imagine that since she's the song writer, she's gonna be fine with sales from her old CD's, but incase there's a better, more direct way to support Patty - then I'd rather do that.

Generally, the profits from CD sales flow to the artist without regard to whether they are currently under contract.  If you are trying to decide which albums to buy first, I'd guess that the economics from the more current releases are probably more favorable to Patty but that is mere speculation.

Also I'd guess that if you order through her site at MusicToday (http://stores.musictoday.com/store/dept.asp?dept%5Fid=944&band%5Fid=399 that Patty might get a portion of the "distribution" profit, but again this is mere speculation.  In any event, I can't imagine any other way of acquiring the CDs would help Patty any more.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by marybeth on 05/05/04 at 03:23:01

If anyone wants to read more interesting "how I discovered Patty" stories on this site, go to this link:


Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by fanatic97 on 05/10/04 at 00:52:34

All I can say is, Thank God for the Dixie Chicks.  

I was introduced to Patty Griffin with the Dixie Chicks cover of "Let Him Fly."  I sat listening to that song on repeat for days, wishing I'd had this song to help me through heartbreak when I was in college.  

Next came the Dixie Chicks singing "Top of the World."  That was it -- I was at the nearest Barnes & Noble the next day to listen to all the Patty Griffin I could find.  1000 Kisses was the first album I listened to.  "Long Ride Home" let me know I had to buy the CD, and "Nobody's Cryin'" let me know I'd love this artist for life.  Only Sarah McLachlan's music has ever absorbed me so completely.  

I still don't own "Living With Ghosts," but I'll buy it soon.  Promise!  In the meantime, I have "When It Don't Come Easy" on repeat.  ....And I continue to thank God for the Dixie Chicks, and Patty.   :)

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by lamb on 06/06/04 at 21:08:37

I discovered Patty in a very unexpected way...I was watching the old WB show Jack & Jill (I don't know if anyone will remember this show; I think it was on in 2000). So, this couple was breaking up on the show, and they played "You Are Not Alone." Just the opening few lines. Well, from hearing just those first lines I knew I HAD to find out who sang that song.

So I went on the Internet and searched through all kinds of Jack & Jill fansites until I found a listing of the songs played. I started doing a little more research on Patty, and realized she wrote Let Him Fly. I listened to a few more songs and needless to say...I was hooked. Thank goodness I love cheesy TV (though kudos to whomever decided to put Patty in the soundtrack).

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Pamela on 06/20/04 at 00:59:01

I first heard Patty's "Let  Him Fly" on the late, great LA radio station, KSCA. I was driving and heard that song. My jaw dropped! The emotion in her voice was amazing. I ran out and bought the CD. I listened to it quite a bit, but somehow, my interest in it seemed to fade.

I pretty much forgot about it until I turned on the TV one night and there was Patty, on Conan O'Brien, singing "Blue Sky." I loved it, and bought Flaming Red the next day It quickly became my favorite. It also made me dig out LWG, and the rest is history. Now, she is always in heavy rotation on my CD player and my iPod!

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by defenestrate on 03/10/05 at 17:56:05

i heard a beautiful voice in a bookstore one day and asked the music section manager whose cd was playing-he told me that it was patty griffin. i imagine this must have been around the time 1000 kisses came out, though it might have been a little earlier. in any case, i was thoroughly impressed by it, and not long after, went looking to hear more of her stuff. when i first heard "not alone", i was holed up in my apartment, dangerously ill, and reeling from a most nasty breakup with a girl i had been seeing for most of the previous several years. i was torn to pieces by it, and from that moment hooked. i picked up 1000 kisses shortly thereafter and it's all been, as they say, downhill from there  ;)

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by pam6221971 on 05/05/05 at 12:53:01

I, like many others have written in this thread - have the Dixie Chicks to thank for helping me discover Patty.  I was at my first Chicks concert (Atlanta, Aug. 2000) and Patty opened for them.  I had never heard of  Patty before and she blew me away more than the concert I came there for.  It wasn't long before I was at the music store looking for some Patty music.

So as far as a song that drew me in, I'd have to say it was "Let Him Fly".  I had gone to that Chicks concert with a guy I was dating at the time and only a few short months later, we broke  up.  So I took much solace in LHF, as it helped me move past the pain of lost love.  Once I had one of Patty's CD's in my hot little hands, it was songs like "Every Little Bit" and "Tony" that kept me addicted to Patty.

I've never been someone that would consider herself a "groupie", but if I ever got to that point with anyone - it'd definitely be Patty.  She has so much passion and talent, it pains me that my closest friends and especially boyfriend cannot relate and enjoy her to the level I have found to relate to her music.  Patty has a way of expressing through song what we all feel, or have once felt.

Can't wait until May 13th - Variety Playhouse in Atlanta!  Hope to see some of the Local MM'ers there...   :-*   ;D

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Full_Monty on 06/04/05 at 19:30:25

I knew of Patty Griffin from Bob Harris's show in the UK but I never got around to acquiring any albums. Then I downloaded a pirate copy of 1000 Kisses (tut tut I hear from someone ;D). I was blown away by her version of Stolen Car and then by Nobody's Crying. Immediately went to Amazon and ordered all four studio albums. That's how it all started for me.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Joy Bishop on 07/04/05 at 00:01:14

I fell in love with Patty when she said, "go home to an empty apartment and call up my best friend who is a queer." Not since the Indigo Girls did I think some songwriter was secretly spying on my pathetic life and using it for inspiration. I had just graduated college and was completely lost. I heard it on the public radio station in Houston, or maybe it was Rice University's radio station. Don't remember, just glad I was tuning in and caught who was singing the song.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Carly on 08/01/05 at 11:25:54

I received a mixed CD from one of my good friends with 17 of her favorite Patty songs. This was just a couple weeks ago, actually. The opening song is "Rain" and I fell in love with her upon first listen of that song--then I heard "Mother of God" (my favorite Patty song so far) and the rest is history. I'm a huge Tori fan and I can safely say becoming familiar with Patty's music is the best thing that has happened to me since I stumbled upon Tori's music.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Suzanne Gord on 08/01/05 at 13:59:42

Wow! Great interpretation of Rain. That's one of my favs too.

The one that did it for me though?

Kite Song was at them end of an episode of Joan of Arcadia I was watching. I had never heard of Patty Griffin before that show. I bought the Impossible Dream CD the next day. Amazing!!

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Kayjay on 08/01/05 at 21:09:51

This is a long reply, and there wasn't one particular moment for me, but it was more of a short process. I guess I'm relatively new to Patty's music, but I've never become drawn into someone's music in such a short period of time. About six months ago, I caught a few minutes of Patty's ACL performance. I actually didn't know for sure who the singer was and didn't watch the whole thing, and for some reason, I had a feeling it was Patty Griffin...I had been hearing more and more of her songs being played on Boston's 92.5 The River, and Emerson College 'Coffeehouse' (they play everything from the Beatles to Teagan and Sara), Although I didn't recognize the song I caught on ACL, I finally did a web search for Patty Griffin because I had to find out who this really good singer was that I saw on TV, and wished I had watched the whole performance.  And I was right, it was Patty. Her name wasn't completely new to me, I had heard it many times, but didn't put two and two together. So... one night I spent about two hours reading her song lyrics online. The funny thing is... the next day I went to my friend's apartment to pick her up for a Sarah McLachlan concert. Her computer was on, and on 'Jukebox' she had Patty music all over the place (we always find out we like the same music). I was like, 'That is so funny, I've been reading her lyrics online'. So I went out, probably the next day, and bought Flaming Red (just as a random choice - I couldn't decide which one to buy first). Let's just say that I made the best CD purchase of my life on that day. Playing the CD, I recognized 'One Big Love' and 'Change' , but never knew who sang them. I realized how much I loved these songs. From the very first FR track, I literally kept saying to myself outloud in my car....'Oh, my GOD, so so so GOOD!' after every song. I was blasting FR on my very first play. Every song on here did it for me. With 'Tony'....the words, Patty's voice, the way the drums and bass kick in after she sings 'I was sitting right behind you'. The whole song was so powerful to me. This, as well as 'Goodbye', was so moving and made me cry so many times. So... I think I'm answering the question....Flaming Red was what really  did it for me, but I think if I hadn't purchased FR first, I would have felt the same way about 1000 Kisses, Impossible Dream, LWG, AKIT, and now have Silver Bell, thanks to a kind and generous person on this board who sent me a copy. And I'm seeing my first Patty concert on Saturday at the Newport Folk Festival - can't wait, it will be a blast! So, I'm, thankful to have discovered so much great music this year : )

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Jan on 08/01/05 at 22:56:19

I love reading the stories from the new fans. I've been familiar with Patty's music for quite some time and I still feel the same as you when I hear a new song or get to run out and pick up that new cd.

Come back and tell us all about Newport and
spread the word.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Kayjay on 08/02/05 at 22:10:44

Thanks Jan, I absolutely will. I know already that I'm going to love the show, and I wish it was an entire Patty concert (other artists need their stage time, too : ), but according to the Festival site, she's going to be on for almost an hour, which is really good for a festival, I think! So I'm pretty happy. She's third from last, and the Pixies are last, but they are listed as having a longer set...I really like them, but so unfair!  

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Altenn on 08/02/05 at 22:38:56

I walked into a bookstore and heard this voice. It was Patty. They were promoting Impossble dream. I fell in love and then she broke my heart a dozen times with lines that touched my soul. At least I know that there is a beautiful spirit in the world named Patty Griffin. There is truth in these songs...tears and laughter...love and loss.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Lady_Fluff on 08/03/05 at 09:46:16

It all started with Bob Harris on a Saturday night on Radio 2. I honestly can't remember if it was Mad Mission or Christina that got me hooked, as I used to tape the entire shows and edit them down into various compilations (this was in my teenage years, pre-employment and therefore pre-able-to-afford-CDs!). I remember getting hooked on both, on different cassettes. I think it was Christina that proved to be the ultimate pull - I loved the richness of the sound, and I think it was the line "love will fall to pieces in the rain" that reeled me in. It took me a long while to track Flaming Red down, but it's still one of my most played albums.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by dannygee on 10/09/05 at 20:38:44

Well, I have made my living (with a 7 year detour through two college degrees) for almost 32 years as a guitarist. Teaching is the most practical way to keep the wolf from the door. So I choose what, when and where I perform, and depend on teaching to put the bread on the table.

A lot of my students bring in CDs for their lessons, and I simply teach them songs from the CD. This is a good way for me to keep up with current music that I would not hear in my own free time.

Late last year, a student brought in "1000 kisses". I was struck immediately by the quality of Patty's voice. By the third week of teaching from this CD, I simply could not get it out of my head. In about one month, I had purchased all of her CDs. To put it succinctly, I was--and remain--completely smitten by Patty's words, music....and most of all...that voice.

Tom Waits got to me in the same way....and there are two others. One was Kate Wolf, the other was Billie Holiday. Like these two great ones, Patty doesn't blink, emotionally speaking. Some of Patty's contemporaries might be great singers and/or great writers, but most don't lay it out there like Patty. She truly wears her heart on her sleeve. When I hear that voice, I know that she is singing straight from her heart...with no filtering.

I can't count the times I've been in my car on long trips, playing "Rain", "Top of the World", "Kite Song", "Mary", on and on and on.....playing one song several times over, then moving on to another, and repeating the process, and doing one hell of a lot of crying.

She has written songs that become little gifts--they become our adopted children. I know that many of you know exactly what I am talking about, and like myself, you have spent more than your share of "Patty time" searching your heart, and being so grateful that there is someone that can help us all learn how to feel "so deep, deep, deep".

I live in Chapel Hill, NC. Patty was here last June, doing a sold-out show at the Cat's Cradle. I actually ran into her on the street across from my teaching studio a few hours before the show and didn't do the most articulate job of telling her what her music means to me :-[  her performance that night was--as I would expect--very musical, and very moving.

In the meantime, I will be looking forward to her next album, and the next live show I can catch. I'm also excited about her appearance on the soundtrack of  "Elizabethtown". I hope that brings a good boost to her career. God knows that she richly deserves it.

Patty, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so very precious to so many of us. When I feel the misanthrope in me rising, I listen to your voice, and I decide that maybe there is hope for the human race, and the human heart.

Title: Re: What started it all 4 u?
Post by Jennifer Caputo on 10/09/05 at 20:42:16

What a cool story Danny!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Welcome to the website!

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