We are Water

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Music and lyrics by Patty Griffin
Transcription by Jen Hamel (hamlet621@hotmail.com)

Standard Tuning, Capo 4
Intro: (D) (hammer-on/pull-off 3rd finger)

(D)My friend, my friend, you are traveling
(D)So many secrets are unraveling
(A)Some other picture's coming (G) into view
(D)I seen the water washing over you
(D)and the water's speaking now, it speaks your name
(D)I hear it talking to me sometimes when it rains
(A)Telling me a story of (G)joy or pain
But I've got (D)no regrets baby, I've got no shame


'Cause we are (G)water
We flow and (D)flow
I feel you (G)pouring through
Every inch (D)of my soul and
I really must (A)tell you this
Baby, before (Bm)you go
We are (G)water
We flow and (D)flow

(D)I am a river baby, I've got plenty of time
(D)I don't know where I'm going I'm just following the lines
(A)There's just no telling where this (G)river will flow
I got no (D)choice in the matter, baby,
(D)I just go where it goes
(D)I'm making my bed tonight right under this cloud
(D)Sometimes the lightening's so frightening
(D)Sometimes the thunder's so loud
(A)Still, I know this tide is always (G)kissing my heels
(D)Someimes I think I'm drowning in all these things that I feel


(D)Out on the beach today, I did not find
(D)One single footstep that we left behind
(A)So I went swimming in the (G)deep blue sea
and I could (D)feel that water all around me


…We are (A)water
We flow and (Bm)flow
(G)We flow and (D)flow